CMP 2011

We are preparing for the 2011 Creative Music Workshop!! If you would like to join us, you can fill out an online application here. But first, here are a few things you should know.

Questions? E-mail Dr. Kathy Kerstetter:

In July 2010 we provided a free, week-long music camp at George Town Primary School for the primary students and educators of the Cayman Islands. These children experienced classes focusing on technology, songwriting, improvisation, and world music. We employed active and cooperative learning strategies that engaged students throughout the day. At the culmination of the music camp we performed a concert that showcased students’ musical learning through group performance, as well as highlighting student compositions and improvisational skills. More than 75 children and 8 music teachers participated in the camp.

Our Mission: 
The Creative Music Project, an organization which looks to promote student-based musical creativity by providing improvisation and composition activities accompanied by technology-based, multi-disciplinary methodology. We strive to become a force in music education by offering teachers the enhanced pedagogical skills to create well-rounded and creative music programs. Our mission is to provide communities with free music training workshops, both to music educators and students based on a balanced music curriculum. Training will provide teachers with an opportunity for professional development, which remains limited in some parts of the world. These workshops will help spark students’ and educators’ interest by introducing a curriculum based on music study through creating, alongside performing and responding to music. We will offer a rounded curriculum that focuses on composing and improvising, technology, analyzing and evaluating, and highlighting relationships between music and other disciplines. Our goal is to be able to carry out these workshops through different countries within the Caribbean and other communities that could benefit from such a program.