Santa Barbara Visitor Information

·       Santa Barbara Conference & Visitors Bureau:

·       Visitor Guide PDF:


Transportation to/from Santa Barbara

·       By air: SBA is a very small airport with limited routes (, hence flying is usually an expensive option.  You may be able to find an indirect flight via LAX that is a reasonable price, depending on your location.  The airport is right beside UCSB.

·       By train:  If you have a lot of time, the train ride is beautiful, travelling north or south.  Amtrak info here: – the main train station is downtown; there is also a small Goleta station.

·       By car:  Carpooling and driving is probably the best option for most of you.  Please check on the Bulletin Board to find drivers or passengers you can share with.


Transportation in Santa Barbara

·       Bus: You can get buses to campus from downtown and Goleta. Bus schedules, maps and routes here: Two lines go directly to UCSB

o   line 11, a local route and makes stops in Santa Barbara and Goleta

o   line 24X, an express line that makes a couple of stops downtown before heading to UCSB via the freeway

Unless otherwise indicated, all session content will take place in the

McCune Conference Room (#6020),
in the Humanities and Social Sciences Building (HSSB)
(E2 on the map; the nearest parking lots are 22 and 27)

UCSB Maps, Parking and Directions

·       The UCSB Visitor page has directions and links to PDF maps, as well as parking information:

·       Printable campus map: - the closest parking lots to our sessions will be #27 or #22, both with visitor permit dispensers.

·       More information on UCSB permits here:

o   Please note that UC employees with parking stickers can take advantage of the reciprocity agreement by going to the Parking Services office:



John Trendler,
Apr 20, 2011, 3:06 PM
John Trendler,
Apr 20, 2011, 3:06 PM