Comments from 2012 NSS Convention (MayaCon):
"It's the best educational tool for caving I've ever seen." Winnie Miller

Comments from 2011 NSS Convention:
"Great job!" Lindsay P.
"It's perfect!" Jenny B.
"Please come to 2012 NSS Convention... Lewisburg, WV" Ellie Florance
"Please come to the NSS 2012 West Virginia Convention" Sue B.
"Great core work[out]. Contact [name of local showcave owner] please." Deb S.
"Great, very real and a good training aid.  We don't realize how much we damage things in the real cave but can see it now" Joe G.
"Great education and awareness demonstration.  Not too long, not too short.  Excellent awareness exercise for kids and adults alike."  Jim Goodbar, US Bureau Of Land Management
"Keep up the amazing work!" anonymous

Caver comments:
"This is truly excellent." Jerry Elliott

General public comments:
 "The ingenuity, creativity and technical know-how that David used to create this thing just blows me away." Roger

A girl and her helmet
A picture worth a thousand words. Photo by Phil Barnett.