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"It's the best educational tool for caving I've ever seen." Winnie Miller, caver

Girl exploring CaveSim  

Thousands have experienced CaveSim, and now its your turn.

Our highly qualified staff include:

Tracy Jackson is a bright and enthusiastic scientist, science teacher, and caver. In addition to helping her husband Dave with CaveSim educational programs, she is the Education Director at Catamount Institute, a local non-profit with a mission to "inspire ecological stewardship." At Catamount, Tracy leads outdoor and environmental education programs for youth and adults, including field trips, after school clubs and camps. Tracy has always had a deep love for environmental science and has been exploring cave ecosystems since she was twelve years old. She pursued her love of the underground and environmental science, earning her undergraduate degree in geology from the University of Georgia. After putting her geology degree to work teaching in the field at education centers like Nature's Classroom, the Audubon Center of the North woods, and the Boy Scouts's of America's Philmont Scout Ranch, Tracy earned her M.A.T. at Colorado College in Colorado Springs. Tracy is a certified Project Underground Trainer, and she has designed lesson plans for CaveSim that are aligned with Colorado Department of Education standards.

Dave Jackson is a caver and electrical engineer.  He is a life member of the National Speleological Society and has been digging holes and wiring projects since his childhood in New York state.  He has Masters and Bachelors degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He also has three years of experience teaching youth as a backpacking guide for the Boy Scouts at Philmont, where he met his wife Tracy.  Dave continues to hone is teaching skills as a volunteer cave trip leader for student and other groups.  CaveSim was invented and created by Dave in 2008 after he experienced a cave rescue training in which a real cave was damaged (see our story).  Since then, over 2000 people have learned about cave conservation by crawling through CaveSim at events as far away as West Virginia.  Dave has a passion for both engineering and cave conservation, and he believes strongly in passing his enthusiasm on to young people.  In addition to working a full-time engineering job at Agilent Technologies, Dave gives generously of his time to facilitate K-12 CaveSim programs.  Dave hopes to have the opportunity to share CaveSim and the message of cave conservation with schools all over Colorado, increasing student interest in caving and engineering careers. 

Program rates (school subsidies are available):

Happy customers include:
  • Peak Area Leadership In Science, continuing education for teachers
  • Manitou Elementary School 4th grade classes
  • Colorado Springs School archaeology seminar
  • Gold Camp Elementary 5th grade
  • Colorado Springs School REACH program
  • Catamount Institute YES Clubs
  • US Air Force Academy Youth Center

Julie Francis says, "We were so thrilled that my son Skyler chose a CaveSim party for his 14th birthday.  The kids were fascinated by the computer technology combined with a hands on caving experience.  They were especially interested in the exciting cave rescue stories and how the cave simulator can help train search and rescue teams.  This innovative 'nature meets technology' party was a total blast.  Thank you Dave and Tracy!!"

General FAQ:
  • What's included?  Participants explore CaveSim while learning about cave formation, conservation, safety, ecosystems, science, engineering, and more. We also facilitate cave- and bat-related games and lessons. All safety gear and materials are provided.
  • Who will you do programs for?  Anyone.  Parties, schools, businesses, museums, SAR groups.
  • Any age limits?  Anyone can go through CaveSim, but young children (younger than 5) may find CaveSim frightening due to their vivid imaginations. People over 70 have crawled through CaveSim, but hands-and-knees crawling is required. Please contact us to discuss your group.
  • How should we dress for your program?  Long pants and closed-toed shoes are recommended. During winter months, bring warm clothing to stand around outside.
FAQ about Scheduling/Cancellation:
  • When should I schedule?  Tell us as early as possible that you want a program.  For programs at our site, let us know at least 2 weeks in advance. For programs at your site, let us know at least 1 to 2 months in advance.
  • What if I cancel?  For programs at your site, if you cancel less than two weeks in advance, we charge 50% of the program fee. Why? We arrange for transportation in advance, possibly including truck rental!  For programs at our site, if you cancel less than one week in advance, we charge 25% of the program fee.
FAQ about Location:
  • How does a program at my location work?  We arrive at your location with CaveSim in a 24 foot trailer. We leave CaveSim in the trailer, and your participants crawl through it. We need one 120VAC power outlet that is within 100 feet of the trailer. Our programs are conducted outside; please dress accordingly.
  • How does a program at your location work?  We run programs at our home. Most programs are conducted outside. Please dress accordingly. Bathrooms are available.
  • What if I'm located farther away than 75 miles?  Contact us to discuss your options.
Party-specific FAQ:
  • Do you provide food, drinks, decorations or gifts?  Please provide your own.  Great CaveSim gifts are available for purchase here.
  • Do we have to pay for the adults who use CaveSim, or just the kids?  Please pay for everyone who goes through CaveSim.  It's totally worth it!
School-specific FAQ:
  • What if my school can't afford your program?  Contact us, we receive grants!
  • Are your lessons aligned with standards?  Yes, we provide cave- and bat-related lessons aligned with Colorado Department of Education standards.
  • How do you keep everyone in a large group engaged?  We divide the group into smaller groups, which then rotate through a number of stations, including CaveSim and our various educational games.
  • My students are studying widgets of ancient Mesopotamia. Can you help?  We will do our best to align our lessons with what your students are studying.
  • Does my school have to pay for the teachers/chaperones?  Generally not.  If more than 15% of your group is teachers/chaperones, please let us know, as there may be a charge.
  • Are chaperones helpful?  Yes!  Chaperones can help students put on caving gear.
FAQ about group size:
  • How big can my group be?  At our location, about 36.  At your location, about 300.  Over 320 people have explored CaveSim in a single day.
  • My group is smaller than your minimum number. Will you do a program for a small group?  Yes, if you pay for the minimum number of participants.

Thank you, and please contact us today to schedule your program.

Kids learn about cave rescue
Kids at the US Air Force Academy learn about cave rescue and teamwork by moving a stretcher.