Dave and Tracy are members of the Southern Colorado Mountain Grotto (SoCoMoGro), our local caving club.

We are also members of the National Speleological Society (NSS) which has local caving clubs around the US.

The National Speleological Foundation (NSF) generously funded the CaveSim trip to the 2012 NSS Convention.

Excellent cave rescue training is provided by the Colorado Cave Rescue Network (CCRN).

CaveSim is a member of the Pikes Peak Sustainable Business Network (PPSBN).

CaveSim was a big hit at the 2011 NSS Convention in Glenwood Springs, CO, third week in July.

Because of generous funding from the National Speleological Foundation (NSF) via a Vehslage Grant, CaveSim was able to attend the 2012 NSS Convention (MayaCon) in West Virginia.  To help us get to next year's convention, contact us.

If we get funding, we will bring CaveSim to the 2013 NSS Convention in Shippensburg, PA

Dave Bunnell maintains a great US Show Caves Directory.

Rocky Mountain Caving (RMC) is a great quarterly journal.

YOU Cave is a great site about caving for kids, and is maintained by Allen Maddox.

AdventurJess is an excellent blog about caving, especially caving in TAG (Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia)

Please support our sponsors:
Nina and Jeff Martin, the owners of Inner Mountain Outfitters, are very generous sponsors of CaveSim.  They are a major sponsor of our trip to the 2013 NSS Convention.  Inner Mountain Outfitters sells a wide variety of the highest quality caving gear.

Kim Bodenhamer Smith is a great supporter of CaveSim. Kim owns both Chilli Heads and Jk3 Softwear Inc., two great outdoor gear stores.  Check out their great core warmers.

SpeleoSoap is a generous sponsor, and they provide the fragrances that give CaveSim an amazingly genuine cave scent.  You too can get soaps, car fresheners and candles that smell like caves and cave-related areas.  Shop for SpeleoSoap now.

SWAYGO Gear is another great sponsor of CaveSim.  They make simple and durable packs that are ideal for caving.  Their sponsorship is making it possible for us to bring CaveSim to the 2013 NSS Convention.

BlueStar Recyclers are a generous in-kind sponsor, which means that they provide us with many electronic and mechanical components needed to make CaveSim a reality.  BlueStar's mission is to provide jobs for the mentally handicapped and developmentally disabled while reducing our impact on the earth.  Please recycle your electronics with Blue Star Recyclers to keep heavy metals out of your water supply (and out of your caves!)

Rudy from First Light Solar is a caver who gives generously of his time by welding parts for the CaveSim trailer.

Rudy welding                Rudy
Rudy welds a hitch wheel for the trailer.                             Rudy and the completed wheel. Photos by Dave Jackson

Burke and Bo Bodenhamer Smith in their Chilli Heads Core Warmers outside CaveSim