Adam Cavers, Sr.

Adam Cavers, Sr. was born on the 9th day of October in 1782 in the community of Denholm in Roxburghshire, Scotland of parents Robert Cavers, b. 16 May 1750 at Barns in Kirkton Parish and Margaret Henderson, b. 16 June 1752, in Weens, near Hobkirk.  His paternal grandparents were Walter Cavers, b. 1710 in Hawick and Jane Crozier, b. 1726 in Kirkton. His maternal grandfather was Adam Henderson.  Adam had an uncle, named Ebenezer, who moved to an area near Niagara Fallls in Canada sometime about 1800.

He was third born of five brothers, Walter, b. 14 November 1778; James, b. 27 August 1780; Adam, b. 9 Oct 1782; William, b. 5 July 1791; and Robert, b. 8 February 1795.

According to his son, who composed the "Cavers Family", Adam Cavers, Sr. joined the British Army as a young lad at the age of 16.  It is stated that he falsified his age as being 18, in order to get credit for all years of service at the time of his pension.  As a young lad of 16, he was small in stature, and required an "ash bucket" to elevate him to enable him to mount a horse.  Since he was born in 1782, this would place his date of enlistment as approximately 1798.

Enlisted when he was sixteen (falsified his age as 18) in the 3rd Light Dragoons, 7th Rev. Battalion, British Army and served for a total of 19 years and 72 days.  Served with Wellington in Portugal and Spain as well as Ireland.  His Regiment was ordered to Waterloo, but due to unfavorable winds arrived after the battle.  

He was wounded twice.  Once in the knee and again on the lips.   His first length of service was 17 years and 27 days; he was retired after Waterloo, at the age of about thirty three.
Several years later, he was called back to service for an additional year and sixteen days. He was honorably discharged 16 April 1821 and given a Marching allowance to Hawick of seven shillings and one penny, when he was 38 years 6 months of age, with an annual pension of         £492.3.5 .