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You are on the web site of the American French club, or association of cyclists called "Les Cavaliers  de La Fayette" in French and "The LaFayette Riders" in the United States.  The goal of this association is to promote American French friendship by annual bicycle tours done alternately in the United States and in France or another country of Europe.  The club has conducted 30 annual tours to date.

On the photo opposite, the French and American LaFayette Riders mostly in team jerseys which carry the inscription "La Fayette we are here" on the back, in memory of the famous sentence spoken by General  Pershing on French soil at the time of landing on the shores of France during the 1st World War, in acknowledgment and thanks for the generous support of General LaFayette during the Revolutionary War.  The statue in the background represents LaFayette on his horse, brandishing his sword in service of the cause of the Independence of the United States.