• Model SA102.5

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Randy England  Coronach, Saskatchewan
Registered CF-QLP
Built 1972 W Hirning and J Wright Calgary Alberta
Engine Lycoming O-290-D2
Prop Sensenich 74 DM6-0-60
TTSN 1600 hr
Cruise 130 mph ind @ 2500 rpm 7 gph
Climb Initial rate @ 5 deg C 1350 lbs 1000-1100 fpm 700 fpm sustained
And I LOVE this airplane. --Randy Nov, 2009
Owned by Dan Lucas of Quesnel B.C. It has an O-290 D2 Lyc engine and a McCauley 74 in 60 pitch metal prop cruise at 2500 rpm is 150 mph with 1 on board and full fuel.

Built by Ralph White 1986

N3143D. Builder: David Melby. "Completed in 1982 after 7 years of building. Empty weight: 1067 lbs. Gross: 1650 lbs. Engine: Lycoming 0-320 150 hp. I could climb at nearly 2000 fpm. Cruise: 140 mph at 2450 rpm. Could have used a little more pitch. Stall: 50 mph. A great flying plane. I made my own prop, and tip tanks. Also, I used controls from a Cessna 150 rather than stick controls, and Cessna rudder pedals. "


Marty Maisel's SA102.5 project
The aircraft is located in  Lincoln, CA. The structure is now complete and electrical,
fuel, pitot-static, and brake lines are being installed - getting ready for cover. I currently have a Lycoming O-235 that needs to be overhauled
- or traded in for more horsepower.
Marty Maisel Nov, 2009

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N102EL,   San Jose, CA

Powered by a  Lycoming O-235 engine. It was built by Everett Lund and is now owned  and flown by Richard Moriarity and Ralph Reichhold. Members  EAA Chapter 62

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VH-JAL Australia.
builder: R.A. Cox
29 February 1984 first flight.
2009 owner : Jon Clark, installing new engine [click]

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ZK-DJJ, New Zeland

G. Barthel, builder and owner.


builder: JACK WIEBE     1983

Last Registered Owner Information
Name: Mcleod, Malcolm,  

Builder: Lindy Mueller, 1988.  Was at St. Louis Aviation Museum. From Jim Hann: "I am guessing it was Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum that it was donated to... then it was  at Creve Coeur airport (1H0) after the flood of '85, when it sat in water about 
30-36" deep. It was being stored in an open shade port at 1H0 when the flood of '93 hit. It went under again, worse this time, but the ultimate indignity was that the shade port collapsed on it as the flood was receding. 
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Serial Number 6864
Manufacturer Name BURTON

There is an article here  called Burton Cavalier.