The all wood Cavalier aircraft.

This site, with support from of the Cavalier's designer, Stan "Dino" McLeod, provides information for owners, builders, and anybody interested in the Cavalier.  It is designed to augment the forum (here)  This site and the forum are maintained by separate volunteers.  Enjoy!


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First stop for information and assistance:                         

Things to do:
Include your serial number in the post.  This identifies the year and version of the plans.  (ex: 6923 is 1969, plans set #23)
(put your serial number in your profile?)

Provide pictures if you can. *

The support here is almost entirely provided by the original designer, Stan "Dino" Mcleod, and he can get overloaded with e-mails very quickly, so be sure to do your homework before asking a question.  We don't want to loose him as a resource!

Cavalier Plans are out of print as of Nov. 2009.

Official builder support is only provided to the origional purchacer of the plans, so this site, and the group is also to help the secondary owners/builders,  and info seekers.

Plans should  stay with the airplane, They are the maintenance manual.

If you buy a Cavalier or project, and have no plans, you can post to the group, and usually somebody will have a set for a project that didn't get started.  Remember, these resold plans do not come with official support, so use the internet tools described above.

*If you are posting from the Google Groups, online, you can go [HERE] to the files page and upload the picture. If you are posting by e-mail, you can just attach pictures.                            
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