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Google maps and personal navigation systems have changed the way we drive and the way we find directions for vacations, trips and even daily commuting for traffic updates. Did you know you can create a custom map in Google Maps?  Did you know you can build your own map tour and include images, links and description?  Teachers have found various ways to use google maps in the classroom besides just to teach their students how to get to the movie theater.  We can take virtual field trips to locations that we would normally only dream about.  [ARChon] [Release] Google Maps

Creating Custom Maps in My Maps

  • Go to My Maps

  • Create new map

  • Type in the search box to find a location

  • Select the location and “add to map”

  • Use the tool bar at the bottom of the box to adjust the color of the pin, title and description, add an image and add directions.

  • Continue to add locations to your map until it is complete.

  • You can also add the following to customize your map:

    • Lines to connect a route

    • Directions
    • Measure distances
  • When complete, share your map as you would with other apps

     Sample custom map

You also have the option of using the Tour Builder Tool to create custom tours

Sample Tour of the Hudson Valley

Things To Do with Maps: