Dry Cleaning At Home - Your Clothes Clean.

Dry Cleaning At Home

dry cleaning at home
    dry cleaning
  • (dry-cleaned) cleaned with chemical solvents
  • Clean (a garment) with an organic solvent, without using water
  • the act of cleaning (fabrics) with a solvent other than water
  • (dry cleaners) cleaners: shop where dry cleaning is done
    at home
  • A period when a person has announced that they will receive visitors in their home
  • a reception held in your own home
  • at, to, or toward the place where you reside; "he worked at home"
  • An informal party in a person's home
  • on the home team's field; "they played at home last night"
dry cleaning at home - Dryel At
Dryel At Home Dry Cleaning Kit, Clean Breeze Scent
Dryel At Home Dry Cleaning Kit, Clean Breeze Scent
Kit Contains: Dryel Instruction Pamphlet; 1 Reusable Dryel Fabric Bag; 1 Bottle of Dryel Stain Remover; 4 Dryel Absorbent Pads; 4 Dryel dryer-activated Moist Clothes. - The Dryel Fabric Protection Bag is specially designed for use in household or Laundromat-style clothes dryers. The Dryel Fabric Protection Bag lasts up to 50 loads. Dryel will not shrink, fade or stretch your garments. - Dryel is a safe convenient way to care for dry clean clothes, delicates and handwashables such as wools, silks, rayons, linens, cottons and other special care fabrics. Safely cleans for: sweaters, dresses, slacks, skirts, jackets, scarves, vests, small blankets and pillows, when used a directed. Dryel is not formulated for use on leather, velvet, suede or fur.

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Day 38 - We Can Clean That. We Haven't, But We Can
Day 38 - We Can Clean That.  We Haven't, But We Can
A few nights ago when I was passing by this dry cleaner in my neighborhood I noticed that their store window seemed . . . photographically interesting. I didn't have a decent lens on me at the time. While I was stopped, Victoria came up and pointed out that the dress in the window is actually completely filthy: there's a layer of dirt and dust on the outside of the dress so thick that it is almost hairy. That's gotta say something about advertising. Today on my way home from work I stopped to get a quick shot. Sad to say that after two-plus miles of walking/shooting through the city, this is probably the most interesting thing I got. I spent a while this evening investigating the official rules for professional photography in the city. At the moment, I'm kinda irked. It sounds like so long as I don't use any "equipment" (where equipment is defined to be video cameras, radio triggers, or support equipment, among other things) then I'm fine. But if I wanted to, say, do anything with lighting in the city in public, regardless of commercial value, then I probably need a $300 permit. And that isn't a one-time permit, that's a permit (if I'm understanding this correctly) per project. Shooting a full season of a hit TV show? $300. Going out with a model and shooting TFCD just for fun? Also $300. Unless I do it only with natural light, then it's OK. So yeah, Strobists in New York: tell me I'm wrong. Please. Not digging that.
colorful industry
colorful industry
Worth, I think, looking at the original size for the tools and details. For anyone who sews, seeing a thread board makes you feel immediately at home in a space. I was trying to take an image of this cozy sewing corner in a dry cleaner shop through the window but was fighting too much glare. The young woman at the counter looked friendly so I wandered in to ask if I could shoot it from inside. I'm so glad I did because we had a great conversation about her great aunt who is the doyenne of that corner, and I got to see that it's a treadle version of my own workhorse Singer which I bought years ago from a factory going out of business. They're made of cast iron, almost indestructible, and more reliable than just about any machine I've ever owned. Now I want to wander in some week day- maybe with a plate of cookies- so I can visit with the seamstress.

dry cleaning at home
dry cleaning at home
Heston Blumenthal at Home
Until now, home cooking has remained radically out of touch with the technological developments that characterize the rest of modern life. This is the book to prove that science can dramatically improve the way we eat. Having spent years refining his analytical and imaginative approach at the Fat Duck restaurant, Heston Blumenthal is uniquely qualified to bring the benefits of science to the domestic kitchen. Both time-saving and energy-efficient, his methods unlock the alchemical potential of flavor and taste.

The first part of the book maps the new techniques in fifteen sections, including: taste and flavor; stocks and infusing; brining, curing, marinating, and macerating; and sections on proper care of meat, fish, pasta, and many other dishes. In the second part, there are 150 specially chosen recipes. Here, at last, is the secret to irrefutably perfect fish and chips, as well as a few more unconventional dishes such as salmon with licorice, and crab lasagna.

Heston at Home is an ingeniously designed book for cooks who want to know how food works, and who are excited about adopting an unconventional approach that will revolutionize the experience of cooking at home.

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