Causal Pie Bingo! is a fun and intuitive game that teaches the essentials of the sufficient component cause model (causal pies) to epidemiologists and not-yet-epidemiologists of all ages and levels. To date, we have used Causal Pie Bingo! to teach causal pies to elementary school students (aged 10-14) in a science class, undergraduates taking public health courses, and epidemiologists of all ages. 
On this website, learn How to Play the game, try some of the Game Variations, and check out the Downloads for a pre-made game that is ready to play -- or make your own with the templates provided.
We hope you have fun playing the game!
Candice Johnson & Penny Howards
Emory University
Questions? Comments? Please write to Candice at:
cyjohnson [at] alum [dot] emory [dot] edu