SA/CRS in the media

There have been a few people in the news who have CRS/SA. Sometimes news stories or documentaries are made because our lives seem really unique to other people. Maybe it seems amazing that we can be so independent whether we look like others, or not. The more people see us, the better, because then they learn we are just regular people. 
Writing a news story about a person with CRS? Here are some important points to note:
It is important that news stories and documentaries focus on who we are, not on what people perceive as limiting. From the perspective of the producers, drama in a story may capture the attention of the viewers, but consider carefully the long term impact of words being used.  Sometimes the words have a negative spin, such as "suffers from", "confined to", "victim of", "limited by" or other terms which have less than positive meanings.  Everyone has some rough times in life sooner or later. Let our photographs say-we have a lot to smile about! The only limits we really have are those made by the assumptions of others. Our lives may be terrific, or just routine, or going through a rough patch, and once in a while pretty amazing. All of us are just living our lives. Just ordinary people going about our business, doing what we enjoy, using our talents, having our "issues", making mistakes, learning new things, and striving towards our goals.  We may do things differently sometimes, but we still get things done.
Here are some people with CRS  in the news and on line.
Spencer West is a man with CRS who is an international spokesperson for the organization Me to We.
To raise money for clean water in Africa, he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro on his hands!
 Tyler Walker: mono skier
Doug Forbis: University of Ill. college graduate, paralympic track racer  
Cody Mccasland: a young boy with a bright future   
Elyssa Robinson: college student, wheelchair basketball star  
Joanne Fluke: wheelchair dancer
Kendra Schraml: Ms Wheelchair Washington 2011
Rosemary Siggins: mother with CRS, parenting 2 children
Jahna Berry: an adult with CRS and Spina Bifida
Bobby Martin, AFL Football player
 Jessica Rogers, Junior national disabled athlete of the year