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Cat site - Welcome to the cat website, A new cat website dedicated to finding loving homes for abandoned(stray) cats. Cats abandonment(disservice) is a cruel reality that many cats will face during their lifetime. Our burden is devoted to help alleviate this inhumane and complex problem.

Cat website also offers one of the largest cat website directories on the Internet. Here you can read valuable and important cat articles and cat information on cat health, cat food, cat breeds, cat pictures and so much more.

Cat diseases  Cat treatment  spay and neuter  Cat illness
Cat diseases: Prevention, causes, symptoms, and treatment.
here you will find the best cat illness information.

Cat breeds  How to choose the best cat breed
Learn about the many different types of cat breeds. you can read valuable and important cat articles and cat breeds information.

Save stray cat  Cat fur trade  Cat meat trade
(1) we urge government to pass National Animal Welfare Laws to protect cats and other fur bearing animals.
(2) Through individual efforts to protect the cats and animals . (3)The most ethical and humane stand is to not sell any fur whether it is cat, dog, rabbit, or any unfortunate animal.
(4) Most of all - changing people's thinking about animals - enhancing compassion, enhancing ethics, demonstrating how compassion for animals is integral to a compassionate society and how in very pragmatic terms, compassion for animals reduces bullying and violence in families and communities.

Cat food guide  Cat food price  Feline food information
most cat food is optimized for the life stage of your pet. These fall into three general categories: kitten, adult cat, and senior. When choosing the best cat food you need to make sure it is nutritionally designed to meet your pet's needs at each stage of life. In addition, there is cat food designed to help your pet lose weight, or to account for medical conditions like kidney failure, allergies, or digestive problems. Ask your veterinarian if you have any questions about your cat's health, and about which of these cat food choices is appropriate when choosing the best cat food for your feline friend.

Cat discipline  Cat pregnancy  Cat lifespan  Cat directory
About cat discipline, Cat training means and Information, Cat pregnancy guide, Cat pregnancy knowledge.
How long will cat live?The answer to that depends upon several factors. The care that you give your cat, the quality of the food that your cat eats the kind of lifestyle that your cat lives. All these things play their part in the chances of your cat enjoying a long life.