Bridal Bouquet

Apart from a Perfect Wedding Gown, a Perfect Bridal Bouquet is definitely another important item for a Bride on her Wedding Day.
If you are still searching for a Perfect One, we may be able to offer you what you need. Browse through our Bridal Bouquet catalogue now !

We have at least 8 years of experience in the Bridal business, and have been collaborating with local established Bridal Studios.

Our Bridal Services include
  1. Bridal Bouquet Package
  2. Bridesmaid Wristlet
  3. Bridesmaid Bouquet
  4. Groom/Family/Groomsman/Page Boy Corsage
  5. Bride Hairdo Floral Accessories
  6. Flower Girl Floral Headpiece
  7. Bridal Car Decoration Package
  8. Floral Arrangement (eg. for Reception/Solemnization)
  9. Church Decoration Package
  10. Flower Girl Basket
  11. Flower Petals
Email us at for enquiries.

(Purple Roses & White Freesia)

We wish all couples-to-be, enjoy the whole wedding preparation process and have a blissful marriage ♥

Cattleya Team

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Everlasting Purity
(Cream Gerberas with White Pearls)
Eternal Elegance
(Red Roses)
Desire Blossoms
(Pink Callalilies & Yellow Roses)
Happy Bride
(White Lilies & Pink Eustomas)
Deep Devotion

Lasting Affection
(Cymbidium Orchids & Pink Eustomas)
Happily Forever
(White Lilies, White Eustomas & Pink Roses)
Sweet Remembrance
(Cream & Vibrant Pink Roses)

Blissful Marriage
(Cymbidium Orchids & Cream Roses)
Passionate Love
(Red Roses & Pink Eustomas)
Bridal Hope
(Cream Roses & Purple Fressia)
Faithful Memories
(Cream Eustomas & Purple Freesia)
Pure Love
(White Lilies & Cream Gerberas)
Kiss Me
(Red Roses & White Freesia)
Love Affairs
(White Lilies & Purple Eustomas)
Loving Thoughts
(Pink Roses)
Double Happiness
(Pink Roses & Purple Eustomas)

Bridal Corsages & Wristlets

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