Projects and Experience


Compassion International GMC Micro Energy Analysis
Produced benchmark report to quantify energy use in a 277,000 square foot office building.
Performed analysis of energy use to recommend changes in operation and lighting to reduce electricity use by 20 percent at minimal cost, with a 26 percent savings over a longer time period with the modification of lighting and lighting controls.

Samaritan's Purse
    Staff Bungalows, Jackson Beach Compound, Léogâne, HAITI 
    Outpatient Center, Egbe, Nigeria
    Aircraft Hangar and Facility, Eldoret, Kenya
Produced working drawings for conceptual development and construction of various building projects worldwide.

Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station Filter Replacement
Researched and assisted in the development of a program to upgrade chemical and biological filters to ensure effectiveness against chemical or weaponized infectious agents.

Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Blast Valve Depot Level Maintenance
Developed documentation of process to rehabilitate blast protection valves.
Ludington Pumped Storage Project, Consumers Power Company, Michigan.  Translated previously compiled geographic data into files usable by AutoCAD for all subsequent work on project.  During pumped storage plant outage, assisted with reservoir remediation effort by processing daily GPS raw data from divers, dive inspection boats, and production barges, and plotting to scale for tracking of work accomplished.

Hardy Dam, Consumers Power Company, Michigan
Compiled location coordinates for miscellaneous features in spillway area of hydroelectric dam and added features to spillway map prepared with AutoCAD.

Potential Responsible Parties for Maxey Flats LLRW Site, Kentucky
Compiled location coordinates for monitoring wells and added features to AutoCAD base map.  Plotted groundwater contours from three-dimensional coordinate output from groundwater monitoring software application.

Friedburg Campus Site Project, Bowman Gray School of Medicine, North Carolina
Compiled location coordinates for geophysical features and monitoring wells and added features to AutoCAD base map.
Neotectonic Studies, United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Vermont and Connecticut.  Digitized coastline and water features from U.S.G.S. Quadrangles and path followed by boat during search for liquefaction features in 40 kilometer radius search areas.
Generic Site Characteristics Study, New York Low Level Waste Commission, New York.  Digitized and converted subsurface geologic features to state plane coordinate system for use by GIS to aid siting process.

Travis Field, Army Corps of Engineers, Georgia
Prepared maps, figures and graphs as required from raw data, sketches, and field notes to delineate geophysical features.
Griswold Creek Diversion Project, Northern California Power Agency, California.  Extracted pertinent data from raw data and prepared figures showing seismic refraction lines and depth models.
White Rock Penstock Diversion Project, Eldorado Irrigation District, California.  Extracted pertinent data from raw data and prepared figures showing seismic refraction lines and depth models.
Bridge Scour Studies, North Carolina Department of Transportation, North Carolina.  Assisted with preliminary bridge scour assessments at North Carolina Department of Transportation Office.  Work involved research and compilation of structural, geographical, and hydrological data from various sources and calculation of flows and velocities related to specific bridges to determine risk of scour damage to each.  Assisted with field work as required to obtain information necessary to perform detailed scour analysis of various bridges.  Work involved surveying, soil sampling, and local record research to obtain soil and historical flood level data.  Prepared figures for publication of detailed scour analysis reports.


Transition Coordinator, University Health Associates, Inc., Morgantown, West Virginia
Functioned as a staff member of the Ambulatory Services Project team.  Work there required extensive use of Lotus 123, Multi-Mate, Dbase III+, and other software current at the time.  Administratively led planning, specification, purchasing, and installation of equipment there for a 120,000 square-foot Ambulatory Care Center replacement facility completed there in 1989.  Total Project cost $22.5 million.  Provided technical assistance and problem resolution for various design, construction, and operational issues related to the existing and relocated outpatient clinic.  Shared responsibility for the development, purchasing, and implementation of a 120 device LAN for a patient registration DEC system and clinical lab IBM mainframe.
Facilities Coordinator, West Virginia University Hospitals, Morgantown, West Virginia.  Functioned as staff member of the Relocation Planning Team.  Work there required extensive use of microcomputers for recordkeeping, project, and purchase tracking.  Shared responsibility for specification, purchase, and installation of equipment for the 500,000 square-foot Ruby Memorial Hospital completed there in 1988.  Total project cost $110 million.  Acted as liaison between all WVUH departments and the West Virginia University Medical Center Facilities Engineering and Maintenance Departments.  Provided technical assistance and problem resolution for various design, construction, repair, and operational issues concerning the existing and new building and all equipment.

Engineering Technician, Alpha Associates, Inc., Morgantown, West Virginia
Performed technical office, drafting, and field work on various projects.  Shared responsibility for various administrative and design aspects of site civil engineering of the Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown.  Performed work on civil engineering projects involving site design, bridge design and detailing, and aerial tramway structural detail development.

Engineering Technician, Michael Baker, Jr., Inc., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Performed technical office, drafting, and field work on various projects.  Developed drawings and structural details for bridge department.  Computed concrete and steel quantities; prepared cost estimates and drawings for large conceptual bridge design studies.  Participated in and conducted in-depth bridge inspections for rehabilitation or replacement.