Are you curious about your ancestors?  Do you wonder who you're named after?  Are any of those old family stories true?  Maybe I can help you find out. . . . . . . . .  I have been working on my family genealogy for over 40 years.  It is a never-ending project as collateral lines spread out to include cousins, other marriages and families, and brothers and sisters  of my paternal and maternal ancestors.  When I get tired of my own family I work on the families of co-workers and friends.  I have surprised several friends with gifts of their genealogy and sparked new interest in their ancestors.  I have placed these genealogies on Rootsweb.com so others can benefit from my work and become reconnected with family members.  Of course, the cutoff date for information put online is automatically 1930, so living persons are not inconvenienced.  You can browse these genealogies in the sidebar at left.

Gathering records used to be a travel experience, with visits to court houses, cemeteries, and libraries for information.  The internet has made this research so much easier with genealogical societies and libraries putting more and more source information online every day.  The trick is knowing where to look.  I have become adept at finding information and have even used original sources in Sweden, Norway, and The Netherlands online.

I am now offering my services to the general public.  I specialize in Michigan records, and am based in West Michigan, so if your ancestors came from Michigan or came to Michigan I can usually find information on them.  I make no promises other than I will search all sources for your information to the best of my ability.  Some families leave lots of records--other families not so many.  

You will tell me what you want me to find and I will give you a general idea of the cost.  If, at the end of my research for your set price, you want me to continue, we will renegotiate the price and continue until you are satisfied.

Photos top to bottom:  Margaret Ann Jones Bedgood; Maurice Bethea family abt 1917 with brother Ross Bethea in uniform; Ross Bethea's WWI draft registration card; Tombstone of George and Mary Ann Harrison Trowhill; Birt, Bernie, Ray, and Ret Hamill.

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