CAT Experiences of Candidates - 2



CAT Entrance Experiences 2

Now, another student and comparison with our benchmark - the 100 percentile! Below is presented his answering pattern and analysis.

Answering pattern 

QA: seven 1 mark questions and five 2 marks questions

RC/VA: Eight 1 mark questions and fifteen 2 marks questions

DI/LA: six 1 mark questions and four 2 marks questions

Percentile = 99.54

Percentage marks = 38.16%


Unlike the previous student - she did not try to distribute marks equally. She attempted to score max in her forte - the RC/VA section and tried to cross cut-off in the rest sections.

Now lets analyze - the pattern was 10 X 1 mark and 20 x 2 marks in each section - she answered 

QA = 7/10 in one marks and 5/20 in 2 marks = 17/50

RC = 8/10 in one marks and 15/20 in 2 marks = 38/50

DI/LA = 6/10 in one marks and 4/20 in 2 marks = 14/50

Total = 69/150 = 46 percent

She got 38.16% as percentage marks - that is, she answered with nearly 90% accuracy. Thing to learn from her is you may not be equally good in each section but extract max marks in the section(s) you are good in!

Strategy in exam

She started with the RC/VA section - gave it one hour time as she had to crack the section. She answered nearly 80% questions there. Then moved to QA, her next best section - gave it nearly 30 min and solved as many as possible. Lastly, she attempted her weakest - the DI/LA section. She couldn't do well there but her attempt was good enough to clear the cut off (which was possibly 12 marks). 

Unlike the previous candidate who did equally good in all the sections and got a 100 percentile - she did her best foot forward and then covered her weak points. In fact she did much better than him in RC section!


You may be weak in some section but if you can score heavily in your strong areas and crack CAT. At the end of the day, a call from the IIMs is what matters, isn't it?

Keep watching this site. Everyday, I'll bring in strategies of successful CAT examinees from IIM Ahmedabad. Good night for now!