Final notes on CAT


Summary of all the successful strategies we reviewed:

If you carefully look at all the successful interviews we published, you can clearly get three salient characteristics common in all:

1. Start with the strongest section, followed by the next stronger section and finally attempt the weaker one.

2. Unless you are strong in all the sections, spend maximum time in the strongest section to attempt as many as possible.

3. At least spend 30 minutes in each section.

Now for this CAT, you'll get 150 minutes - average 50 minutes per section. Now a great tip for you -

  • Take a look at the paper initially for 2-3 minutes, carefully calculating the number of questions and number of sections therein - and decide what time you can spend in each question/section. You need to attempt 50-60% in each section to have a positive chance!
  • Keep last 10 minutes for revision and checking if you got some numbering or marking wrong.

Many times in hurry you may mark the wrong questions - be careful to reviseat least once! You don't want silly mistakes in a vital exam like CAT! Do you?

So, the strategy is simple for students with one or more weak areas:

  • Browse the question paper to identify the potential sitters and you can mark the questions which you'll be attempting(3 min.)
  • Start with your strongest area - spend 60 minutes there to answer maximum number of questions (60min.)
  • Move to the second strongest area and spend 50 minutes.
  • Attempt at least 12-13 questions in the weakest area (30 min.)
  • Revise the entire paper (7 min.)

If you are strong in all the sections - the strategy is almost same but 45 minutes per section + 12 minutes revision and reattempting some more questions!

Again CATIIMATALES will be back after CAT exam is over with a set of interviews of successful CAT students on GD-PI and CATIIMATALES funda on GD-PI. Till then have a great time and wish you all a very successful CAT!