Cathy Lomprey Von Rohr was born in Toledo Ohio, and spent her childhood in Wayne, Michigan. She received a Bachelor of Industrial Design in 1964 from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. She then went on to work for General Motors in Detroit, designing Cadillac automobiles. After a few years in her native Michigan, she returned to New York to work for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, teach at Parsons School of Design, and freelance as a graphic and exhibit designer. After five years in New York, she moved to Mexico City to work as product and graphic designer for Rafael Davidson.

In 1967 she met Nevon Seay Von Rohr, a retired businessman from California, and settled with him on the isolated beach south of Puerto Vallarta named Playa Majahuitas. It is there that she began painting and sculpting. Preferring not to be limited by one recognizable style, her creativity is unlimited and ever open to new stimuli. At peace with nature her paintings glow with tropical themes.

Her first show in 1970 at Galleria Uno in Puerto Vallarta marked the official start of her career as a painter and sculptor. Her work is now in private collections throughout Mexico, the United States and Europe.


1964 - Pratt Institute, Bachelor of Industrial Design, Brooklyn, New York

1965 - Cadillac designer, General Motors Company, Detroit, Michigan

1967- Product and graphic designer, Mele Manufacturing, New York,
New York

1968 - Freelance exhibit designer and model maker, New York, New York

1969 - Graphic Designer, Rafael Davidson Assoc., Mexico City, Mexico

1970 - Landscape Designer, Majahuita Club Resort, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

1989 - Architect & Designer: Playa Majahuitas Theater for Indigenous
Community of Chacala, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

1999 - Honorary President, Cultural Center, Puerto Vallarta
Gallery Exhibits

1970 - Gallery Uno, solo, mixed media, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

1971 - Cherry Lane Gallery, collective, Dallas, Texas

1979 - Gallery Uno, solo, mixed media, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

1986 - Playa de Oro Hotel, mural, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

1987 - Successos Designs, solo, murals, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

1992 - Municipal Building, solo, portraits, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

1993 - Municipal Building, solo, 20-year retrospective, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

1997 - Rosas Blancas Gallery, solo, oil paintings, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

1999 - Ofiicial opening of Artist's Studio Gallery, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

2001 - Trio Restaurant, solo, oils and alabaster sculpture, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

2002 - Rosas Blancas Gallery, solo, watercolors, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico