Welcome to the website for the Catholic Terps Liturgical Ministries.  

This will be where all the availability and scheduling takes place for the 2020-21 year.  

The Availability* tab is where everyone will fill out their monthly availability, the Responses tab will allow you to view your submitted responses, the Schedule** tab is where the schedule will be posted, the Documents tab will be where all related training/instructions documents will be posted.  

*Scheduling: every month, the liturgical coordinators will email out the link to this website, which will allow you to give your availability. Please be prompt in your responses so we can set the schedule by the last Sunday of each month for the upcoming month!

**Substitutes: it is your responsibility to schedule a substitute if you need one. The list of subs can be found on the bottom of the schedule tab. Click the corresponding liturgical ministry tab.

For information on the semesterly liturgical minister training dates, visit catholicterps.org or email liturgy@catholicterps.org.

To join a liturgical ministry, please register here and mark which ministry in the "get involved" section.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the student leaders:

Vice President of Liturgy - Emily Conway @ liturgy@catholicterps.org
Sacristans - Josie Ouyang @ liturgy@catholicterps.org
Altar servers/Lectors -  Martin Jarquet @ liturgy@catholicterps.org
Greeters/EMHC - Kaitlin Nash @ liturgy@catholicterps.org 

Feedback is always appreciated, please email liturgy@catholicterps.org with any feedback or suggested improvements.