Welcome to Catholic Notes
These Notes were collected over many years on various Catholic subjects and consist of two books:
The first book is NOTES from various Ignatian Retreats - an appeal to the heart and the will.  It helps us see our souls as God sees them and thereby motivates us to plan the rest of our lives as God would like them to be.
The second book is NOTES on Catholic Apologetics - an appeal to logic and reason. It give a defense of various Catholic Doctrines that often come up. This book is written as a highschool text with questions at the end of each chapter.
It is not the intent of the Notes to go deep into the subjects covered but to give the reader the main ideas. References are given for a deeper study of the various subjects - which is encouraged.
I offer these Notes to help others to learn about and even to defend the Faith as needed. Feel free to download any and all of them you find of interest.
If you have any comments or questions, I can be reached at:
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