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While there are many great Catholic apologetics websites out there, there aren't so many dealing directly with Protestant websites devoted to refuting Catholic claims.

One such website is www.JustForCatholics.org, which many have probably heard of. It is run by an ex-Catholic turned Reformed Baptist Protestant (also known as a "Calvinist") named Dr. Joe Mizzi. I have talked with him many times via email, and I consider his approach polite and genuine. That does not mean I agree with his theology, only that the issue of conduct should not be confused with one's theological content. 

It is often tempting to personally attack someone who presents a theological position in conflict with your own, but that is most certainly not what Catholic apologetics is about. Good apologetics, be they Protestant or Catholic, depend on the facts and proper reasoning, rather than personal attacks.

I believe Dr. Mizzi is sincere in his views and he truly believes he is doing God's work by evangelizing Catholics, helping them to see what he (mistakenly) believes are the errors of the Catholic Church. Of course, I as a Catholic believe he is the one misled, and because of this I have created this website to deal directly with his 'answers to Catholic claims' listed on his webpage.

Also, it is worth noting that not everything Dr. Mizzi says on his webpage is automatically objectionable to a Catholic, in fact Dr. Mizzi will say things at times which a Catholic will have no problem embracing and even giving a heartfelt "Amen" to.

The format of my responses will generally be a page with a link to a specific objection on Dr. Mizzi's website, and a paragraph by paragraph Catholic response to his objection. Because there will come times when there is not much a Catholic would find objectionable in Dr. Mizzi's response, at which point maybe a brief comment, if anything, will be given.

(Note this website is a work in progress, I will be focusing on responding to the more important objections first.)

Unless otherwise indicated: My words will be in black. Dr. Mizzi's words will be in green. And any textual formatting (eg bold, underline, etc) is done by me.