Practical Catholic Apologetics 

Welcome to my Catholic Apologetics web page.

NEW ARTICLE Jan 2011: A Catholic look a the Jehovah's Witness doctrine of 1914AD.

UPDATE January 2011: An Eternal Security Debate is taking place on my blog.

Note June 8 2011: Here is the very important Jehovah's Witness book Reasoning from the Scriptures. Please download and share with many friends. Tell me if you find typos.

This is my first web page so a lot of what you see is a work in progress. I'm still not sure how I should go about developing this web page, but hopefully I will figure something out soon. Also, I'm not sure whether I want to keep the title of this page, I guess I'll just have to leave it for now.

The main purpose of my work is to educate fellow Catholics about what the Catholic Church really teaches so that these Catholics can grow in appreciation for their faith and be able to defend their faith should the need arise.

Everything I write on this page is for the glory of God and the edification of all Christians. I profess complete fidelity to the Catholic Church and our Pope, Benedict XVI. I would never teach or profess anything I knew contrary to the Catholic Faith, and I welcome any feedback about my work.

The patron Saint of this web page is Saint Francis de Sales, he was a holy man who devoted much of his time defending the Catholic Church, especially against Protestantism.