2017 St. Jeromes 170 Years

The following report was published in a local newspaper on August 8, 2017, highlighting the mass offered by Fr. Reynolds marking the 170th anniversary of the founding of St. Jeromes .. In addition to the following, there is information about the history of the parish and an excellant photo (taken by Mary Weilandt) of Fr. Reynolds saying the Mass.  Follow this link to see the whole presentation:  http://bit.ly/2vNh8A5

Warkworth – A special Mass was held for the St. Jerome’s Catholic Church community to celebrate more than 170 years from its early beginnings in the 1830s.

This special Mass was held to remember in particular the early settlers as well as all others who came before during those many years, whether buried on the hill behind St. Jerome’s Catholic Church in the early 1830s to about 1900, or buried in the Warkworth Catholic Cemetery on the western outskirts of Warkworth on County Rd. 29 from then until today.

Maureen O’Grady told the Trent Hills News, “In today’s world with focus more on self and worldly goods, I believe it is so meaningful to take a moment to reflect back on the sacrifices of the early settlers and how they addressed their priorities.” She is a long-time member of St. Jerome's Catholic Women's League and a past president.

The event was held July 15, two days after the 115th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone for the current St. Jerome’s Catholic Church.

The memorial mass celebrated “all those who have gone home before us”.

The mass was held on the church lawn in front of the memorial wall where headstones were retrieved, restored and relocated in 1995.

“This is a story with a significant history beginning in the early 1830s. The early settlers experienced the loss of family members at very young ages due to lack of healthcare as we tend to take for granted. Still they forged ahead and trusted in God’s providence,” concluded O’Grady.