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Pastoral Council

posted May 29, 2009, 7:44 PM by Jim MacKenzie   [ updated Aug 29, 2015, 6:00 AM ]

Pastoral / Parish Council News

August 19 2015

A Parish Council has been formed for Holy Angels.

  •  Clergy will be represented by Fr. Reynolds and Deacon McRae; 
  • chairman Bob O'Neill; co-chair Bernie Koster; 
  • secretary Stella McGreevy; co-secretary John Zerafa; 
  • spiritual education  Stan Stanislaw; 
  • music and liturgy Mike Muzzerall; 
  • liaison Kim Demarais.  

The general objective of this committee is to help co-ordinate parish activities and needs with Fr. Reynolds.


October 7, 2012

The Parish Pastoral council met last Tuesday at the rectory of St. Alphonsus.  We have two new members:  Mike Painter of St. Alphonsus replacing Mike Baldini and Bernard Koster who replaced Bob O'Neil of Holy Angels.  Thus, our new council consiste of:

Parish Council Members as of October 4 2012


         Bernard Koster         Janice Zerafa


         Danielle Gagnon         Mary Darling


         Mike Painter         Donna Maingot

November 13, 2011

"Thank you for the two new members of our Parish Pastoral council; Mary Darling of St. Jerome and Donna Maingot of St. Alphonsus.   We have two members from each church community. Since the two year term of our council chairperson has expired we had to elect a new chairperson and Bob O'Neil's name came out after our secret balloting."

Fr. Tony

So, as of this date, the following is the composition of the Council: 

Parish Council Members as of November 13, 2011


         Bob O’Neill (Chair)         Janice Zerafa


         Danielle Gagnon         Mary Darling


         Mike Baldini         Donna Maingot

    April 10, 2011

Gerry Dreschsler of Warkworth, Mandy Duffin of Brighton, and Paddy Nolan of Wooler  have completed their 4 year stint as members of the parish council.  In their place 3 new members have been duly appointed in accordance with the proscribed procedure.    They are Mike Baldini of Wooler, Danielle Gagnon of Warkworth, and Brenda Richardson of Brighton.

 As reported in the January 16 bulletin, Brenda Richardson is unable to continue as a parish council member.  Janice Zerafa will complete her term.

The new members will join the holdover members on the council:  Chairperson Rosemary Moran of Wooler, Bob O’ Neill of Brighton, and Stella Stacy of Warkworth 

   June 14, 2009

Two Sundays ago, the ballots for nomination of candidates were handed out. Normally you would have the ballot for election today. But the situation is not normal!

          Warkworth nominated STELLA  TRACEY. Stella has accepted and is therefore  member of the Pastoral Council.  Since no other name was proposed, there is no need for the second step of the process.

          Wooler nominated  ROSEMARY  MORAN.   Rosemary has accepted and is therefore member of the Pastoral Council. Since no other name was proposed, there is no need for the second step of the process

          Brighton nominated BOB  O’NEIL. Bob has accepted and is therefore member of the Pastoral Council. Another name was proposed but that person had previously refused. A third name was presented but out the time of nomination. There is, therefore, no need for the second step of the process.   

June 7, 2009

As was announced, three members of the Pastoral Council have asked to step down to give others the opportunity to serve at this level. A very big thanks to Ricardo Melendro (Brighton), who has acted as chairman, to Maureen O’Grady (Warkworth), and to Pat McCauley (Wooler) for the tremendous service offered to the commuity. Starting from scratch, they have been able to leave a solid foundation to build on.

The process of election has begun. Last Sunday, the ballots for nomination were handed out. If all goes well, next Sunday will be the voting ballot.