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2012 Bishop's September Visit

Bishop's Pastoral Visit: Please, mark in your calendar September 15th and 16th as the Bishop's Pastoral visit to our Three Catholic Churches of the area.  He already expressed to us that this might be his last Pastoral visit before he retires.  As a sign of our appreciation for the many things he had done to our diocese as our shepherd, please let us join him in the different activities that are scheduled during his visit:

¨       First is the mass at St. Jerome in Warkworth on Saturday at 4:00 PM,

¨       to be followed by a dinner at St. Alphonsus Parish Hall hosted by the parishioners of St. Alphonsus. The organizers would want to know the number of people attending the Bishop's dinner, so please, sign up your name on the sheet at the back of the church. We have three weekends to do this.

¨       Please, take note: "There is no 7:00 PM mass in Brighton that Saturday."

The Sunday masses will be the usual schedule and Holy Angels church will have the "Muffin Sunday" hosted by the men of the Knights of Columbus. We need to fill the hall to give the bishop the message that we need to expand the place to serve the growing parishioners of Holy Angels.    Thank you very much and God tony