2018  March  CWL World Day of Prayer 2018 Theme “All God’s Creation is Very Good” prepared by the Christian Women of Suriname, South America.  The service will be held on Friday, March 2nd at 7pm at St. Alphonsus Church hosted by our CWL with a reception following in the parish hall.  The World Day of Prayer service unites women in prayer from various Christian churches in order to empower them to act on social injustices against women around the world.  This celebration is open to all men, women and children of all Christian denominations.  Please join us and bring a friend to learn that we are all called to care for God’s creation.

2018 40-Cans for Lent

The Knights of Columbus are conducting the "40 Cans for Lent" project again this year to collect food items for the Brighton Fare Share Food Bank. This is separate from any ongoing parish programs. Last year the Knights donated over 1000 pounds of food. If you wish to join the Knights in this endeavor, please collect 40 cans/items of food during Lent and contact a Knight in your parish to arrange for delivery or pick up. We will gather the items the Sundays of March 4th and 25th so that they may be delivered to the food bank before Easter Sunday. Questions? Ask a Knight or call Michael Muzzerall at 613-475-3292.

Liturgical Matters

The New Liturgical Committee for Holy Angels (Dec. 2010):

·         is looking for more volunteers among the parishioners as Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers.  Since we will be commencing the practice of Communion under both species, more volunteers will be required to compliment the few who are now participating.  

·         Because the Sacristy door is handy to the parking lot, the traffic through this congested and private  area has unfortunately greatly increased.   Parishioners are kindly asked to use the main front door to enter and leave the church

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