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Links to content we have found useful 

***NEW ***  We have added Loyola Jesuits from Chigaco (see below). They have three levels of excellent interpretation for different ages of children. This greatly helps you to get the children to understand a particular message from the Gospel. *** NEW ***

*** NEW *** And Saints Stories for Kids, also from Loyola Jesuits  ***NEW***

*** NEW *** The UK Litugy Office Calendar has added colours to individual Sunday masses so UK participants can now use the UK calendar below  ***NEW***

  • http://www.easterbrooks.com/personal/calendar/select.html  (USA) - Easy to use, Catholic Calendar web site. This enables you to check the Liturgical Cycle, Year, Readings, Gospel AND COLOURS throughout the year. It's particularly useful for Children's Liturgy to easily check the Gospel and the vestment colours the priest will be using. For example, if you have an altar/candles in your liturgy, then you can match the vestment colour being used to represent the mood of the mass being celebrated. See http://www.easterbrooks.com/personal/calendar/rules.html for more on colours. Be careful as this is an American calendar and in Europe or even in your own Diocese, the Mass theme/readings/Gospel of a particular Sunday may vary from the scheduled calendar- for example, Sundays celebrating St. Paul in 2009. Again you should check with your Children's Liturgy Co-ordinator or your Parish Priest to make sure you are using the right Gospel.
  • http://www.webelieveweb.com/liturgical_year.cfm Sadlier Liturgical Calendar Page
  • http://www.liturgyoffice.org.uk/Calendar/2015/  UK Liturgy Office calendar


 Content - Lesson Plans, Interpretation, Games & Puzzles, Drawing
  •  www.catholicmom.com  (USA) - Excellent website by Lisa Hendey and others. This site has some of the best Children's Liturgy activity resources on the internet. However this is a free site and consequently it has a lot of advertising over many pages. The site is very big and it can take sometime to find the key components for a highly commended Children's Liturgy. It is worth spending time on this site as children respond to a well thought out and interesting activity.


  • The Archdiocese of Southwark (London) now links to the Societas Doctrinæ Christianæ. The S.D.C. is a Catholic Society that works in the field of Catechesis and the spreading of the Word of God. They have lots of religious education resources and have a good one page worksheet for each Sunday's Children's Liturgy. The content (e.g.word puzzles) is sometimes aimed at older children but their worksheets can be seen 1-2 months ahead making this an extremely useful Children's Liturgy resource.
  • Loyola Jesuits  ( Chicago-Detroit Province of the Society of Jesus- USA) Excellent spiritual interpretation to help you relate the Gospel to children of different ages. Detailed Lesson Plans for children from Grades 1-8.  (US grade 1 is typically a child aged 6-7).  Like SDC above, their lesson plans can be seen more than one month ahead. Select a date and click on "for Groups".


  • Diocese of Westminster (London) Very good website for volunteer catechists in the Children's Liturgy. Click through the links and you can find Years A, B, & C all year. Excellently prepared, more spiritual, good for older children.
      • Diocese of Westminster (London) - Excellent spiritual help for Liturgy helpers for Lent and Palm Sunday. Download a Complete A Holy Nation: a resource for Children’s Liturgy Introduction and sessions written by Diana Klein Produced by The Agency for Evangelisation (note the sessions correspond to Sundays in Lent for Year C [ie not 2011]) 
      • Westminster Cathedral (London) Excellent two page weekly resource with the Gospel, interpretation, and context sensitive puzzles or drawings. However sometimes publishes next Sunday's Liturgy pages just before or after the relevant Sunday. Good for pre-school and before first Holy Communion.
      • ***NEW ***  Westminster are keeping many of their previous excellent Liturgy's in their download area at http://www.westminstercathedral.org.uk/downloads  Unfortunately there is no index yet but if you do a general search for the correct Sunday on their website (  ), you can often find the correct liturgy. ***NEW ***  
  • Sadlier's "Reflections on This Week's Liturgy". Good for older children. Also available in Spanish.
  • CAFOD Children's Liturgy resources
  • Children Learn to Pray - "This site offers help to families and godparents as they support children in their prayers and thus in the beginnings of their relationship with God". Prayers used in mass are explained, also Daily Prayers, Stations of the Cross, Lent, Holy Week and Easter.
  • Saint Stories for Kids are a great way to introduce children to positive role models. From St. Valentine to St. Patrick, St. Michael to St. Nicholas, kids will love learning more about these heroes. Explore the site for saint activities and saint books just for kids. Get saint information and insight on a wide variety of Catholic saints at Loyola Press ( Chicago-Detroit Province of the Society of Jesus- USA)