This site helps Children's Liturgy helpers to prepare for Sunday's Children's Liturgy. It really is easy for mothers and fathers to join in with your children. There are lots of resources to help you but these can be hard to find so we try to list them here.. Please help us to improve this site with your comments, content, and prayers.
The First Time Users page provides a very simple, quick guide on how to join in.
The other pages show more detailed and more formal information on Church Policies
  • First Time Users - Teaching or helping with Children's Liturgy for beginners
  • Ask your Priest - Get direction and guidance from your Parish Priest
  • Child Protection / Safeguarding
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Training & Workshops
  • Reading Material & Bibliography
  • Resources
    • First a list of good web sites we have found useful over the last five years. More and more content is appearing each month so please email us if you find another good source and we will try to include it. Be careful to use only appropriate material and with the authors permission. You need to be certain that the religious content is appropriate, otherwise ask your Liturgy Co-ordinator or your Priest before using any internet sourced material.
    • Our Wiki experiment (here). You can upload your own content, e.g. drawing templates, lesson plans, Children's Liturgy games and activities, and examples of successful liturgies. Please upload responsibly, inappropriate material will be deleted.
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