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The Jupiter 2 at the Sci-Fi Air Show

Sci-Fi Airshow.com

CRT players will be amazed to learn that the Jupiter 2 is the honored entry into the "Sci-Fi Air Show" (please view the video above).  Players that know of the Jupiter 2's history, as well as newer players who only know it from their visits to CRT, will be impressed to see just how highly regarded the Jupiter 2 has become in various sci-fi circles.  The Jupiter 2 is indeed a legendary craft and perhaps the most identifiable in all of American media next to the Enterprise from Star Trek.  CRT was "pleased to have the opportunity to loan" a Jupiter 2 spacecraft to the airshow this summer.  But don't worry, Jupiter 2 service will be fully operational for CRT's 21st season!

Other exciting displays can be seen at the airshow, and CRT players are encouraged to visit the excellent web site.  The link is provided above, as well as on CRT's new links page.  The Eagle, seen in the TV show "Space: 1999," the Liberty 2 from "Planet of the Apes," and The Flying Sub from "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea," as well as "The Spindrift" from Land of the Giants are also on display in their spectacular full-sized glory.  Vipers and a Shuttle from the original Battlestar Galactica are also displayed.  Excellent backgrounds, mixed with clever fictional touches can be found for each craft.  This is a great refresher source for seasoned sci-fi lovers and it may come in handy as an educational and enlightening source of information for CRT's younger players.  Be sure to check it out!

On a related note, the Galileo Shuttlecraft used in the original Star Trek series has also been located, purchased and fully restored after residing in very poor condition but thankfully saved in Ohio!  A video featuring this miraculous reincarnation in New Jersey can be seen on the VIDEO GALLERY PAGE.

A new feature has been added to CRT's web site:  A large resource of links to CRT, health and prophecy related material.  Be sure to check it out by clicking on the link in the navigation bar at the top of every page here at CRT.  You'll find excellent resources on the classic sci-fi productions that inspired CRT.  The Irwin Allen News Network web site has been upgraded and is fantastic.  Classic episodes of the Twilight Zone can be accessed, and the Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 features an excellent series synopsis section.  Links to health information and services are also posted, along with resources to start acquainting yourself with prophecy issues, if you are interested.  The CRT links page is a great resource for CRT players!  This page is just another benefit to being a CRT player!  Enjoy!

The new computer has arrived and programming is complete.  We are pleased to report smooth operations are now c underway.  Preliminary use of COREL 13 has been exemplary.  Over 100 trivia cards have been added.  Resolution and sound problems have been mitigated with the installation of a new (and sadly smaller) HDMI monitor, which remedied the resolution problems.  Updating the sound with a Bose model C2 stereo system remedied the sound problems.  Recent posts on CRT's web site have been made (including this one).  The old computer and monitor are now officially retired, like their master.  Proposed updates on CRT's adventures will resume and take place as planned over the coming weeks.  Linking CRT's web site to the CRT domain will take place in several weeks.  A possible change to the web site's appearance has been considered and may take place later in the summer.


Next season's only promotion has been unveiled with the 20th Anniversary Celebration on June 8.  Inspired by the works of Ayn Rand, rock supergroup Rush composed a twenty minute epic called "2112," which depicted a bleak future without music.  What type of future is in store for you?  And what does the future hold for CRT?  CRT begins its 21st season in November, and CRT's 12 versions will offer endless opportunities for adventure and excitement, culminating in the Series 12 Multiple Winner event.  As a CRT enthusiast, it goes without saying that CRT is YOUR future.  To support this statement, this promotion incentive has been implemented.

Beginning June 8 and through the off season, whenever CRT players play any of the other games listed below, a 2112 CARD will be awarded.  Limit 1 card per visit.  The card is kept on the player's person and may be redeemed at any time during CRT's 21st Season, during any CRT game of the player's choice for the indicated currency amount according to the version being played.  This promotion concludes with the advent of CRT's 21st season.
21 years.  12 versions.  What's in your future?  Cathode Raytube Land.

A special announcement and video will be released later in the summer.



STAR TREK: The Next Generation/The Neutral Zone; Jurassic Park; Peak Baggers & The Prisoner
...the OTHER games that are available to enjoy this summer!

The Master's other game creations remain available.  Each of these games play very well, and players will be able to identify the elements in each game that went into the creation of CRT.  Star Trek has been played twice since recent upgrades and performs very well.  Jurassic Park was played for the first time since it has been updated and improved, and it performed very well.   The game ran a little over two hours, which is about 30 minutes longer than it used to be.  Game times are available during the week, usually on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evenings.  Sunday afternoon games may be possible.  Game events will be reported on the CRT web site.  Contact The Master to check availability, make arrangements and work out details.  Take time to explore some exciting new worlds this summer!

STAR TREK: THE NEUTRAL ZONE/4 players or teams, 1-2 hours
STAR TREK: THE NEUTRAL ZONE was The Master's first attempt at game creation 25 years ago and provided the basis for CRT's Series 4.  After a false start and some fine tuning, this game is now a blast to play and it has been recently updated.  Based after the famous Star Trek TV show, each player commands a starship and must be the first to execute a series of missions and return to the starbase.  Never plays the same and always provides unexpected twists and turns!
PEAK BAGGERS/Up to 10 players, 1-2 hours
PEAK BAGGERS is The Master's mountain climbing game, registered with a copyright at the Library of Congress.  Players race to climb a certain amount of Colorado fourteeners and be the first to return home with money in hand and climbs completed.  A fun and educational romp through Colorado's Rocky Mountains!
JURASSIC PARK/4 players or teams, 1-2 hours
Players explore the famed dinosaur-filled island in search of specimens before being eaten alive or blown to smithereens by their nefarious opponents.
Recently updated, this fast-paced game features aspects of all the Jurassic Park films.  Count on encountering LOTS of dinosaurs!
THE PRISONER/4-7  players, 1-2 hours
THE PRISONER is based after The Master's second-favorite TV show and it requires a poker face to play it well.  Whose side are you on, and who is Number 1?  This one takes some practice and never plays the same.  It can last hours or less than 30 minutes.  It must be experienced several times to fully appreciate its potential.  Imprisoned in a place called The Village, players must escape by any means possible to win.

A CRT 21st Season Promotional Card will be awarded to each player that plays any of the above games during the off season.  Limit 1 card per visit.


CRT players Jason, Chris, Mary & Phil enjoy a game of Jurassic Park.


Cathode Raytube Land successfully completed 20 years of entertaining enthusiastic game lovers in May.   No one thought this was possible until the 20th Season started, and realizing we were practically there, we made the most of it.   The month of October was added to the season in anticipation of the intense demand, which was evident at Season 19's close and over the course of the summer with numerous inquiries.  This resulted in a record number of games, with only one unplayed date.  The season was entirely booked by the time it was half way over, on January 27th, an unprecedented event.  CRT also saw the biggest increase in new players in its history.  104 players experienced CRT this season, and 45 of them were new.  An amazing record of 88 games were played, totaling 325.5 hours of CRT.  That's a lot of transporting, Jupiter 2 flights, credits changing hands, space battles, gun fights, jumper maneuvers, torpedo volleys, Christmas presents, rappels and rock falls, prayers for blessings and paydays!  In fact, these records will likely never be broken because future seasons of CRT will be the standard 6 month length.  CRT extends a grateful and hearty THANK YOU to every player, and an extra hug to its long-time and newer devoted supporters.  YOU are the main ingredient that makes CRT so special!  CRT's success is because of YOU!

Below is a condensed overview of CRT's spectacular 20th Season.  For a fully detailed report, revisit the 20th SEASON TIME LINE page for a complete overview with many photos.  Special highlight photos, including some by players, are featured on the PHOTO GALLERY page.  One thing's for sure, CRT has never had a season like this one and likely never will again.

  • OPENING CONTEST:  The 20th Season kicked off with a contest for players to identify elements in the 20th Season promotional image (above) and link them to each of CRT's versions.  Each of the 12 versions are represented.  Response was light to the contest.  The Master's daughter Amber came the closest to making all of the identifications.
  • The CRT CD and DVD package was reissued and made available to winners and in special cases during the latter half of the season.  The initial 1999 CD release was very successful, and the following DVD in 2007 was also a big hit.  The DVD was completely redone and updated, and a bonus track was added to the CD.  Both were compiled with a luxurious booklet.  The package has been well received and serves as a wonderful souvenir of the 20th Season.
  • CRT 20th SEASON T-SHIRTS were issued at the beginning of the season, and then throughout the season as availability dictated.  Players that did not show up this season provided shirts for newer players.  Our thanks are extended to them, but we also hope to see them at least once next season.  We missed you!  Other prizes awarded this season included exclusive CRT CDs, CAPS, WATER BOTTLES and a special bundled package for the CRT CHAMPION that included the first season of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, 3 TWILIGHT ZONE DVDs, an ENTERPRISE 1701A poster, a copy of The Master's 1979 double CD SAN JUAN STORIES and a dinner gift card to Outback Steakhouse.
  • HISTORICAL EVENTS:  CRT experienced its first-ever real POWER OUTAGE and the last ten minutes of the game were finished by flash light.  CRT also hosted its first WEDDING ANNIVERSARY.  The TOWER OF BABEL was finally CONQUERED by the Master's daughter, Shanna (a feat that may not be repeated for some time). The FIRST MULTIPLE WINNER BIBLE GAME took place, and a December birthday game featured 6 MOUSTACHED PLAYERS.
  • SERIES 1 and 2 commanded the most attention this season due to the numerous amount of new players.  These classics continue to perform flawlessly and provide hours of  CRT at its best.
  • SERIES 4 continues to be a strong attraction and it was the next most requested version. This is largely due to the freedom players enjoy in commanding their own spaceships, and the inherent unpredictability that results.
  • CRT's newest version, SERIES 12: THE MAGICAL MUSICAL TOUR was next in line with the most requested games.  Special conditions may reinforce this statistic next season (see Scheduling a Game page).
  • SERIES WEST tied SERIES 12 in requests, probably due to its enhanced environment and growing reputation as CRT's most fast paced and educational experience.  It's more fun than people initially imagine.
  • SERIES 8: SILENT RUNNING continues to see increased interest.  Like Series West, Series 8 has become an educational experience, providing a unique perspective on world affairs.  The challenge of negotiating a 3-D environment is a big draw as well, and players are eager to experience CRT's most colorful and alluring version.
  • SERIES 6, 7 and 9 attracted moderate attention this season, all equal in requests.  SERIES 6 is CRT's Fantasy and Horror version and is always a fun experience, and with its wild adventures and challenging wizard apprenticeships, it remains a favorite of numerous players.  SERIES 7 continues to evolve and underwent a number of refinements during the course of the season due to a precedent-setting condition.  It is CRT's fastest-paced version and requires undivided attention.  Exciting changes for Season 21 (see below) are underway.  Players should expect only increased demands and difficulties with CRT's Superheroes version.  Normally available only during the early season, CRT's Christmas version commanded so much attention it was made available throughout the entire season.  Players were caught off guard by its difficulty and were eager to engage its challenges.
  • SERIES 3.1 is CRT's adventure-driven version and it was played 4 times this season.  Many adventures remain unexplored.
  • SERIES 11: THE BIBLE intimidates players and was only played twice this year.  It is hoped traffic will increase for this version, which is one of The Master's favorites. Exciting additions will occur over the summer.  The first multiple winner game took place this season.  Series 11 is the only version of CRT in which players must work together to move the game forward.  Few games have an option to include as many players as desired in a winning scenario.
  • SERIES X is CRT's mountain climbing version and it was not requested until late in the year.  It is also an intimidating challenge that players tend to avoid, but once it's experienced, players are impressed and can't get enough.  SERIES X has become CRT's hardest version to win, let alone make progress with.  It is also the only version that rewards players for future games in perpetuity.  Requests might increase next season.
  • SERIES 3 is CRT's original adventure-driven challenge and its reputation as CRT's most difficult version in terms of unpredictability remains intact.  It is the only version of CRT that was not requested this season, but it served as the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.  In that game, Series 3's well-earned reputation as a satisfying deliverer of quality CRT was found intact.  Players were quite engaged with the adventures that have made Series 3 legendary.
  • NEW UPDATES AND ATTRACTIONS:  A new technical route was added to SERIES X, BIG DEAL CARDS were added to SERIES 12, additions were made to SERIES 9's CHRISTMAS VILLAGE, the zones were updated in SERIES 1, 2 and 3, and the SERIES WEST environment was enhanced in a style consistent with Series 6 and Series 11.
  • CRT experienced its first-ever disqualification.   The player exited SERIES 4 without all of their required items.
  • CRT won a double-header, and won 3 games for the season.
  • CINEMAQUEST was decommissioned and included in the redesigned SCIENCE FICTION MUSEUM, which is a new attraction that helps players earn credits based on their trivia knowledge.
  • The REINCARNATION RULE was done away with and replaced with the RESURRECTION RULE.  Instead of paying 10 credits, players must sit out the game for three turns. This provision adds more consequence to death, which players sometimes elect to do because it may actually benefit them.  The loss of three turns causes players to consider their situation more carefully.  The Master had also grown unhappy with the reincarnation concept and was more suited to a resurrection concept.
  • The LONGEST ADVENTURE in CRT's history took place during a SERIES X game when Deme and Boyd used the benefits of an expedition partnership for an entire game. The arrangement permitted Boyd a win of CRT's hardest version.
  • 13 players responded to the 20 QUESTIONS EXERCISE.  We had hoped to see more responses.  For the Master's responses to questions posed by these players, see the 20 QUESTIONS PAGE.  Players may still respond to the questions if they desire and The Master will answer their question as well.
  • Proposed changes to the CRT web site will further reduce maintenance issues in terms of record keeping.  Ellen will develop an Excel spreadsheet during the off-season that will automatically manage data the Master has juggled, sometimes unsuccessfully, in the past.  This factor should reduce the amount of maintenance time spent on the web site.  Additional web site changes will be announced in the future.  CRT's web site will continue to do its best at reporting on news incidents CRT players may benefit from or be enlightened by.  The CRT Spotlight page has proven to be a hit, evidenced by the visits counter.  The Spotlight feature is second only to standard reports in hit generation.
  • New conditions for the 21st Season Multiple Winner event are specified on the SCHEDULE A GAME page.  A brief synopsis of the 20th Season is available, along with a look back on previous seasons on the WHAT IS CRT page.


SERIES 1, 2 & 3:  Update of trivia cards (complete), Rockin' Robots added (complete)

SERIES 6:  Update and adjustment of graveyard adventures (completed)

SERIES 7:  Overhaul of adventures, addition of more adversaries, addition of Captain America and Iron Man zones (replacing Blade & Underworld), and new heroes in tokens (almost completed, instructions updated)

SERIES 8:  Update mission orders with current event scenarios (completed and ongoing)

SERIES X:  Addition of "The Acrobat" route, new obstacle tokens, new token and card parameters (completed)

SERIES 11:  Realigning of adventures to phase orientation, addition of 100 adventures, addition of various cards to enhance board action; new token parameters

SERIES 12:  Addition of BIG DEAL cards (completed)

ADDITION OF "CONTINUE ADVENTURE" cards, used in the same manner as LOSE TURN cards, both now printed on heavier stock (completed).

The following movies that may be of interest to CRT players and are pertinent to CRT's versions
are slated for release in the months listed below, according to IMDb.
Trailers of movies appearing soon may be posted here.



AUGUST  Guardians of the Galaxy



"Remember this:  There are some terrible times coming in the last days.  People will love only themselves and money.  They will be proud and boast about themselves.  They will abuse others with insults.  They will not obey their parents.  They will be ungrateful and against all that is pleasing to God.  They will have no love for others and will refuse to forgive anyone.  They will talk about others to hurt them and will have no self control.  They will be cruel and hate what is good.  People will turn against their friends.  They will do foolish things without thinking and will be so proud of themselves.  Instead of loving God, they will love pleasure.  They will go on pretending to be devoted to God, but they will refuse to let that "devotion" change the way they live.  Stay away from these people.  2nd Timothy 3: 1-5

An examination of celestial displays coinciding with fulfilled prophetical events.  "Terrible things will happen, and amazing things will come from heaven to warn people."  Luke 21:11

This web site provides links to all of the current events concerning prophetic events mentioned here.

The Master examines celestial wonders, historical events and passes along a message.

The Master discusses CRT's penchant for reflecting the real world.

The Master looks at why Christmas is still celebrated in an increasingly Godless world.
A thanksgiving of the near future?

Amazing biology lesson that will blow you away!
 Hilarious modern day account of Noah's plight.
Compelling Article by The Master on Science Fiction & Biblical Prophecy


Fantastic article concerning Doctor Who's universally Christian values.  Includes video excerpts. 

Outstanding recreation with great attention to detail!

 Top notch, natural health care from first rate Chinese Medicine practitioners-
Ask The Master how they saved the quality of his of life!
Organization opposed to illegal fees on public lands
Unbiased reviews for the discriminating viewer
Latest information on all entertainment mediums
In the event of a national emergency, Cathode Raytube Land will be closed immediately until further notice.
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