MATH 22 Section 4

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 11-11:50 am

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The goals of this course are to...

  • graph fractions, decimals, other signed numbers, & integers on a number line and compare them using the symbols <, =, >
  • use the rules for order of operations & simplify expressions involving signed numbers & integers
  • perform the fundamental operations of algebra on polynomials and rational expressions and express the answers in simplest form
  • find and factor the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) out of a given polynomial
  • solve and check linear equations involving signed numbers, like terms, symbols of grouping, & requiring several "steps" in the solution
  • translate verbal statements into algebraic expressions & equations; translate word problems into algebraic equations and solve the equation
  • solve application problems using formulas for basic geometric figures, ratios, proportions, and percent equations