Creating a Longitudinal Data Infrastructure at the Census Bureau  (with J. Trent Alexander, Todd Gardner, Katie Genedak, and Amy O’Hara). Forthcoming at Historical Methods.

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Unpublished Manuscripts

Creating Linked Historical Data: An Assessment of the Census Bureau’s Ability to Assign Protected Identification Keys to the 1960 Census. CARRA Paper No. 2014-12. December 2014.

Person Matching in Historical Files using the Census Bureau’s Person Validation System (with Amy O’Hara). CARRA  Paper No. 2014-11. November 2014.


Working Papers

The Neighborhood Attainment Outcomes of Second Generation Great Migration Migrants (with J. Trent Alexander, Christine Leibbrand and Stewart Tolnay). Revise and Resubmit.

Simple Strategies for Improving Inference with Linked Data: A Case Study of the 1850-1930 IPUMS Linked Representative Historical Samples (with Martha Bailey and Connor Cole). Revise and Resubmit.

Great Migration’s Great Return? An Examination of Second-Generation Return Migration to the U.S. South (with J. Trent Alexander, Christine Leibbrand and Stewart Tolnay). Revise and Resubmit.

Do Grandparents Matter? Multigenerational Mobility in the U.S. from 1910-2013 (with Joseph Ferrie and Jonathan Rothbaum). NBER Working Paper No. 22635. Under Review.

How well do Automated Linking Methods Perform in Historical Samples? Evidence from New Ground Truth (with Martha Bailey, Connor Cole, and Morgan Henderson). Under Review.

The Great Migration and Residential Segregation in American Cities during the Twentieth Century (with J. Trent Alexander, Katie Genadek, Christine Leibbrand and Stewart Tolnay). 

Long-Term Decline in Intergenerational Mobility in the United States Since 1850 (with Joseph Ferrie, Karen Rolf, Xi Song, and Yu Xie).