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We represent every legitimate and competitive Insurance Company in Georgia and have 25+ years of experience.   Let us show you what coverage best fits your specific needs. 


Don't be mislead by advertisements for "affordable coverage" or those targeting the self-employed - or you may end up with a policy full of holes.


You should use the same care in picking an Insurance Professional that you do when choosing an attorney,  financial adviser, or surgeon.  Navigating the insurance industry can be daunting.  And, if you don't have an agent, and sign up directly with an Insurance Company, then you won't have any help when you have a claim problem  or they start raising your rates.  And, you don't save a dime.

Send us an email, call  or use these handy links.  A couple of minutes on email or the phone can save you money, frustration, and sifting through a lot of wrong or misleading information.  It's best to trust experienced professionals to assure that you will get what you want. 

Health Savings Accounts (HSA's) are a great choice for many people.   They combine tax savings, retirement money and better catastrophic coverage than standard (co-pay) policies. 
Concierge Benefits 24/7 :
Provides  24/7 call to a doctor and health discount service.  You can call a doc and get script 24/7 within less than a half an hour   It offers Concierge Benefits that are not insurance related but can free up your time and decrease your costs.  Watch the video to see what it can do for you.  Also offers
If you have a high deductible or cannot afford insurance, check out


     Links: (Links do not anticipate any medical conditions or diagnoses.  If you have any, email or call us.

Some Insurers do not have link capability.)

Aetna:  My NPN is 6995655


Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Georgia

Cigna:   Writing agent number is 173322

Kaiser Permanente:


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