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*** Review of Victim from The Hamilton Spectator ***


       Catherine won Second Prize in the Bony Pete short story contest 

at the Bloody Words Conference 2009! 


    Catherine has always aspired to be a published writer.  She can recall writing fantasy stories for her classmates in Grade Three.  Her short stories and poems have been published in a number of small Canadian presses. 


In 2005, her book The Bridgeman was published by Sisbro & Co. Inc. and immediately sold all copies printed.  The feedback regarding the novel was tremendous. 

In 2006, Catherine was given an Arts Award from the City of Brampton to honour the 2005 novel. Two years later, Victim, Emily Taylor Mystery Two, was published by Trafford Publishing Inc. 

A year after that came Book Three, entitled Legacy.  

Currently, Cathy is writing the fourth and final installment of the Emily Taylor Series, 

called Seventh Fire. 


The Emily Taylor Series can be purchased from Amazon or through these sources: 

For a personalized copy of any or all three books:

Victim can also be acquired at

The Bridgeman can be purchased here and Legacy is available here.

Catherine is National Vice President of The Crime Writers of Canada and a member of Sisters in Crime Toronto.  You can Twitter with Catherine under cathyastolfo.