This Teaching & Learning Portfolio contains information that reflects my role as an educator - including what I have accomplished, what I am currently working on and my plans for continued development. You will also find my comments and reflections on these experiences.

I have enjoyed my career in industry where I acquired a vast amount of practical financial experience and exposure to "real world" business activities.  However, at this stage in my life I am newly invigorated to have the opportunity to work with the new generations of accountants.  I feel like I have a lot of experience to share with students and I personally gain motivation and fulfillment from my interactions with today's students.  I think I have something to offer to students and I find that I personally receive a huge amount of career satisfaction from them in return.
I am a very practical person and I think my "real world" business experience brings valuable guidance to students beginning their own career journeys.  I think I am also a pretty good listener.  I believe I can continue to learn something from another person's perspective and I strive to listen and learn from my students.