UPDATE Charlottesville City Schools CPR Training Pilot 

Thanks to the quick, generous response of donors, start-up training equipment was ready for the  first CPR training session at Buford Middle School Wednesday, December 1st, just one month after the Stayin' Alive campaign launched. 

From December 2010 to January 2011, an amazing, dedicated team of faculty and staff from Buford Middle School trained and tested over 500 seventh-graders and ninth-graders in emergency response including CPR, choking and defibrillator use for American Red Cross certification.  

During each day of training for Buford students, the Little Anne manakins donated for this project lined the floor of the new Boys and Girls Clubs gym adjacent to Buford Middle School. Each student used his/her own manikin, and each day the manikins were removed and stored in the equipment trailer donated for this project. Because of the effort required to maintain the manikins - sanitizing, replacing faces and lungs - the number of manikins donated was critical to train such a large group of students in a focused period of time. 

Thank you so much to the generous donors and the Charlottesville City Schools for bringing this project to life! We are working closely with the Charlottesville City Schools to learn from their pilot program, and grow the project into other area schools. We are also working with the Red Cross to set up the next Stayin' Alive CPR Fund focus, which will help fund programming costs for schools starting CPR training. 

About the CPR Training Pilot.
Through the support of Charlottesville City Schools’ Superintendent Dr. Rosa Atkins, a pilot program is underway to train 630 seventh- and ninth-graders this school year. The program training partner, American Red Cross, will be able to use this local model to help schools across Virginia deliver life-saving skills to students. more
About the Stayin' Alive Fund. November 13, 2010 marked 1 ½ years since I went into cardiac arrest and narrowly escaped the odds of leaving my young children behind. I recognize every day since then is a rare and fortunate gift, one that I wouldn’t have without the unquestioning, immediate response of a young woman whom I had never met, Lise Kvan. more



Above, a seventh-grader
from Buford Middle School
checks for pulse during CPR
Training. January,  2011.

Did you know?

> The Bee Gees’ classic Stayin’ Alive has a beat that’s almost exactly 100 beats per minute - the same rate required for chest compressions during CPR. Humming along with the Bee Gees is one way to stay on track.

> Fewer than 5% of those who experience sudden cardiac arrest outside of the hospital survive, often because CPR-trained personnel are not within reach.

> An additional 40,000 people in the U.S. alone could survive each year if bystanders were able to deliver CPR and AED life-saving skills.


Story about Lise and Catherine 
Excerpt from the Culpeper Media Network produced video for the Annual Red Cross Luncheon. Video by Jon Krawchuk, American Red Cross/Channel 21 Culpeper.

THE GOAL:    $26,000 
                               100 manikins + storage trailer + supplies
To date:        $28,755  110%  

Thank you!
Kelly + John Gasink
Angie + Dan Oakey
Lee + David Owen        
Kari + Kent Couling
Erika + Robert Viccellio
Kristin + Pete Wray
Sarah Gray + Ned Parrish
Violet + Williams Brown
Wendy + Randy Lynch
Colleen + Justin Beights
Woody + Henry Oakey
J.R. + Miho Smith
Jenn + Frank Winslow
Sarah + Madison Wootton
Shannon + Doug Burns
Barrett + Andy Golden
Frost Montessori School
Grace + Ted Giras
Amy + Ethan Kleinberg
Emily Umberger + Pradeep Rajagopalan
Lori + Amir Jazaeri
Jennifer + Charlie Britt
Farzana + Amin Rahman
Terri + Dan Fincannon
Emmy + Clay Thomson
Dianna + Trevor Gibson
Sherri + Todd Brown
Colleen + Brad Spano
Sarah + Rick Sorenson
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Mary Blair + Chad Zakaib
Beth Meyer + Bill Bergen
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Alexander Minella +Sonia Zavala
Claiborne + Ben Milde
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Amy + Kevin Brown
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Julie + Joe Bonistalli
Mandy + Mike Wilson
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Suzanne Dvells + Bill Morrish
Crutchfield Corp.
To donate...
 Please make check payable to: American Red Cross, 
and in memo line indicate: Catherine + Lise CPR Fund. 
Mail to: American Red Cross
1105 Rose Hill Dr
Charlottesville, VA 22903-5130 
  • $35 covers training + certification cost of one student
  • $40 buys one AED trainer
  • $150 buys one Little Anne training manikin
  • $300 buys CPR instructor training fee for one faculty member
  • $3800 buys the manikin and supply trailer used to transport manikins to Virginia schools