Un Flying médecin 

Théâtre Oskana

Monday, May 21st 6:00 pm
Thursday, May 24th 6:00 pm

LocationArtesian on 13th

    Théâtre Oskana is Regina's only French-language community theatre. Established in 1990, it produces two or three French plays every year. In recent years it has worked to attract English speaking audiences with the use of surtitles over the stage. Un Flying médecin: Valère, an Englishman, loves Lucile, a Frenchwoman, but Lucile's father Gorgibus wants to marry her to an old man. Sganarelle, Valère's bilingual servant, is thus recruited to act as a doctor to convince Gorgibus to send Lucile to the country for rest, where she will be able to hook-up with Valère.

Little Big, Old Young

Treeline Theatre

Tuesday, May 22nd 6:00 pm

Location: Unitarian Fellowship of Regina

    Treeline Theatre aims to bring original and developmental work to stage generally focused on children’s theatre, including camps, workshops and co-creating with the natural enthusiasm, energy and imagination of young people.

Little Big, Old Young is a fun and creative collection of silly short theatre bits strung together with an original work by four young artists that parodies agelessness, and... well, bingo.


Improv Pilot Season


Tuesday, May 22nd 7:15 pm

Location: Unitarian Fellowship of Regina

    ENC3000 is a whiz-bang collection of ideas and excitement made manifest. We are here to have fun and want you to join us for every second of it. Come with us to the future!

Event Description: Watch the pilot episode of 6 brand new (fake) television shows and hear from a rotating panel of judges as we determine which show gets the last slot in our prime-time lineup.

Monster Monologue

Listen to Dis'

Friday, May 25th 6:00 pm

Location: Artesian on 13th

    Listen to Dis’ is one of Canada’s only disability-led arts organizations. We work with a broad cross-section of individuals to foster talents and develop skills that have lain dormant, often from fear of rejection or lack of inclusiveness. LTD’ provides members the opportunity to create and perform with professional artists who mentor them as they advance their own practice and for disabled artists to come together with each other to make groundbreaking work.

Monster Monologue is a series of monologues performed by members of Listen to Dis Community Arts Organization. The production uses monsters and their stories as an outlet to portray pain and suppressed emotions felt by those with disabilities.


The Remembrance Solos

Choreographed by Karen Rose

Friday, May 25th 7:15 pm 

Location: Artesian on 13th

    Karen Rose is a choreographer, director, dancer and actor. In this production she has choreographed four solos for four different dancers. Ms. Rose has danced, and her work has been shown nationally as well as internationally. The dancers are local, well known dancers in Regina.

The Remembrance Solos: four solos for four women. Each solo is different in form but connected thematically, as each solo is a portrayal of the women's physical and emotional journeys.