Street Fair FAQ

When is the Street Fair?

The Street Fair date is Saturday, May 25th, 2019. Set up begins at 8:00 AM, and the Fair goes from 10 AM to 5:00 PM.

Where is the Street Fair?

The Street Fair takes place on 13th Avenue between Albert Street & Elphinstone Street, on the 2100 block of Retallack St on 2114 - 2124 Robinson Street and in the Garnet Street parking lot in the heart of Regina, Saskatchewan.

What are the fees for the spots?

Registered non-profit, providing information only (limited number of $20.00 spots available on a discretionary basis given to Arts &/or Culture related groups only) - $20.00

Said registered non-profits taking donations or selling tickets, etc, to fund raise. - $95.00

Artisan Spot, Cathedral resident - $95.00

Artisan Spot, non-Cathedral resident - $130.00

Food Spot - $250.00

Food Truck - $500.00

Youth Spot (artisan is 17 years and under) - $40.00

Cathedral Area Business with a store front on Street Fair route - 1 free spot, $95.00 for an additional spot

Cathedral Area Business with a store front in Cathedral, NOT on Street Fair route - $95.00

Platinum Level Festival Sponsor - $5000.00 donation in kind or cash donation

Table rental - $20.00 each

Chair rental - $5.00 each

How can I get an application?

Applications will be available on the Applications page of the CVAF website after the first week of January of the Festival year.

When is my application due?

Due date is March 15th of the Festival year.

What if I apply after March 15th?

Check the homepage of the website to see if any spots are still available. The earlier you turn in your application and payment, the more likely you are to receive the spot you requested.

When are my fees due?

Details on how to pay your fees are included in the application forms found on the CVAF website. Applications are not considered until fees are paid. If your application is not accepted, you will receive a full refund.

Are table and chair rentals part of the spot fee?

No. We rent 8’ x 2.5’ tables for $20.00 each and chairs for $5.00 each in addition to your spot fee. The tables and chairs will be dropped off to your spot before set-up the time of the Street Fair. You are not obligated to rent tables & chairs from the Festival, you are free to bring your own, provided they will fit in your spot.

What is the Cathedral Village Art Festival's refund policy?

If you cancel before May 15th you will be charged a $25.00 administration fee and the remainder of your fee will be returned to you. If you cancel on May 15th or after, there will be no refund.

How big is my spot going to be?

The spot is 14 feet long (measured along the curb of the sidewalk), and 10 feet deep (from the curb of the sidewalk to the street. You are not allowed to have anything on the sidewalk.

Will electricity be available?

Electricity is not provided by the Festival. If you require electricity, you may contact the local business behind your requested spot, if there is one, to ask about borrowing power at your own expense. If you are bringing a generator to power your spot IT MUST BE A SILENT generator. If your generator is too noisy or gassy you will be required to remove it from your spot.

Can I use a canopy?

Yes, many artisans use a canopy or covering for the Street Fair. In fact, it is recommended. The Festival does not provide canopies; it is entirely at your discretion. Pop up tents are highly recommended for ease of set up & durability. Be sure that the covering is no bigger than 10 feet so you can fit within the parking lines. It must be flame retardant. You must have weights to secure your covering for safety purposes in the event of wind.

How can my non profit group get a spot on the Street Fair?

Due to space and other considerations including funding, we regret to advise that political organizations or causes are not permitted to participate in the Street Fair. There will be a limited number of Non-profit Spots available on a discretionary basis given to arts and/or culture related groups only. Consideration MAY be given to non arts and/or culture related registered non-profits if they contain an art related component. If unsure, please call Linda at 306-569-8755.

Is the Street Fair a juried event?

No, although the Street Fair committee will be conducting inspections to ensure that all items being sold in Artisan Spots are handmade by the artist. We ask that if you are a new applicant that you provide photographs of the items you intend to sell to ensure they are handcrafted or provide us with your website address. Cathedral Area business spots may sell items normally for sale in their stores.

What is the Cathedral Village Art Festival's definition of handcrafted?

Only local Cathedral Area businesses with a store front in the Cathedral Area, Festival sponsors, and approved non-profits (selling items to benefit their cause) are allowed to sell pre-manufactured items at their spots. All other spots are to sell handmade items made by the artist booking the spot. We do not want work created from kits, or manufactured items that have been re-priced. For example, a jewelry artist may certainly purchase beads but he or she must be designing and putting together the beads into necklaces or earrings. Commercially made products are NOT acceptable, unless they have been embellished by the vendor, ie canvas bags or other items purchased in a store but painted on by the vendor.

Is computer generated art considered handcrafted?

As long as the artwork is original art done by the crafter selling at the spot, you may copy it as many times as you like on a computer. It is also acceptable if you have created this art using your computer.

Can I get more than one spot?

Yes, but due to lack of available spots, you will be limited to a maximum of two spots.

Can I get a spot beside a friend or family member if I request it?

Many artists need help or breaks and having someone they know close by is a good idea. If you request this on your application, there is a good chance that we will be able to accommodate your request. There is a space provided on the application for you to make any special requests. The earlier your applications are sent in and paid for, the better your chance will be.

Can I request a certain spot?

Click here to view the Street Fair Map. On the application, you have the option of providing to us your top three choices of numbered spots. Please keep in mind that we select these spots by first fulfilling the spot choices of Cathedral Area businesses on the Street Fair route, second, food spots, third, by seniority- the number of years an artist has attended a sale. However, don't worry, all spots at this sale are good spots, and will have plenty of traffic.

How do I get a Temporary Event Vendor Application Form, which is required for operating a food booth at the Street Fair?

For more information on Temporary Event Vendor Application Forms, please visit

Please note that although this form can now be completed online, as per the instructions at the end of the form, large events such as the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair require that all Temporary Event Vendor Application Forms be filled out and RECEIVED AT THE FESTIVAL OFFICE AND NOT SENT TO THE SASKATCHEWAN HEALTH AUTHORITY OFFICE as they need to be compiled and documented by the Street Fair Coordinator and handed in all together.

How do I find out if I am accepted into the Street Fair and what my spot number will be?

Notification of acceptance/non acceptance will be sent out within two weeks of payment of your application. Spot numbers will be sent by email by mid-April. This information package will explain your responsibilities, when to set up, where your spot is, etc.

How many people attend the sale?

We estimate that 40,000 - 45,000 people attend the Street Fair.

How much product should I bring?

Some vendors have told us they usually sell about $500.00 to $1500.00 in product. Food vendors tell us they sell about $3000 to $5000. Vendors selling smaller items under $25 usually do better in sales.

Please note that the Organizers of the Festival reserve the right to remove anyone &/or any spot from the Street Fair who does not comply with the rules and principles of the Street Fair and the Festival.