Screening Under the Steeple: Fun Films and Festival Favourites!
Tuesday, May 22, 7:45 pm

The Artesian on 13th
(minors accompanied by adult) 
(Short films, PG) 45 minutes

Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative presents Fun Films & Festival Favorites: tiny films mightier than their length, curated by long-time Filmpool member Shawn Bauche:
"Each of these films is bursting at the seams, spilling energetically beyond their short time-frame." 

Walter Dir: Curtis L Wiebe 2016 4.5 minutes - The Christmas misadventures of tiny Sasquatch extraordinaire, Walter!

Dir: Lowell Dean 2010 14 minutes - A typical summer day in small town Saskatchewan - there are lovers going for a stroll, kids playing soccer, and zombies. Lots of flesh eating zombies.

Mobilize  Dir: Caroline Monnet 2015 3 mins NFB - crafted entirely out of NFB archival footage by Caroline Monnet, an Algonquin and French contemporary artist and filmmaker, this breathtaking film takes us on a journey from the Far North to the urban south, and captures the perpetual negotiation between the traditional and the modern by a people moving ever forward. 

Rock Pockets Dir. Trevor Anderson, 2007 6 min - A sugar rush of sex, politics, and rock ‘n’ roll, as seen through the eyes of a ten-year-old boy at the fair.

Biology Made Un-easy Dir: James Braithwaite 2007 1 min NFB - a close look at the microscopic world that surrounds us. Within each basic human interaction there is something strange festering under the surface, and we just need a good magnifying glass and a strong stomach to see it.

Sweet Childhood Dir: Zviane 2017 3 minutes NFB - While packing up before a move, cartoonist Zviane comes across an old audiocassette that plunges her back into her childhood fantasies and perceptions of the world.

Snaglines  Dir: Howard Adler 2017 5 mins - “Snagging" is slang for hooking up in this Ottawa area community. Anishinaabe film maker Adler asks "What's your best snagline?”

AM/FM Co-Laboratory Dir: Morgan Wise 2014 5 min - A romantic afternoon car ride turns into a surprising physical contest when a young couple has to choose between two competing radio stations.

Art on Fire presents: Twisted Comedy Night—Unrated!

Friday, May 25, 9:45 pm

(Minors must be accompanied with an Adult; Language warning)

It’s big, dirty, smart, dark and funny: don't miss this comedy cabaret with stand-up and film sketches by Art on Fire, Winners of the 2017 Pile of Bones Film Festival Viewers’ Choice Award.