Screening Under the Steeple:



at The Artesian 2627 13th Ave

5pm Reception

6pm *World Premiere* film screenings and discussion

Meet the filmmakers and learn about the sound artists who inspired them: Amalie Atkins and Jess Forest; Gerald Saul and Anna Pidgorna; Jacob Farrell and Ursa; cinema performance artist Lindsay Rewuski and sound artists Caitlin Hutchison, Doreen Girard, and Shelagh Pizey-Allen of Burden.

Sight on Sound engages four Saskatchewan-based filmmakers and moving image artists to create new work in response to existing sound art or experimental music compositions. Since January the artists have worked independently, exploring, filming, creating, and editing, and the results will be screened at the Artesian on 13th during the Cathedral Village Arts Festival. Following the screening, there will be a conversation with the artists. Join us beforehand between 5-6pm for a reception with the artists downstairs at the Artesian Bar, and an audio-art DJ performance with vintage and rare sound art recordings on vinyl, sponsored by T+A Vinyl and Fashion .

Sight on Sound is made possible through support from Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative, Holophon Audio Arts, Cathedral Village Arts Festival, the Saskatchewan Arts Board, and the Canada Council for the Arts.

The Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative is an artist-run centre which supports and assists independent visionary film and video production in Saskatchewan. Founded in 1977, the Filmpool has a proud history of promoting and assisting independent film production and its contribution to Saskatchewan’s cultural expression.

Holophon Audio Arts is a non-profit organization supporting sound art and experimental music in Saskatchewan. Founded in 2008 and centered in Treaty 4 Territory/Regina, Holophon engages communities using sound as an artistic medium to encourage and facilitate discussion around critical and creative listening.

Collaboration 1

Amalie Atkins

Photo credit : Erin Weiss

Amalie Atkins is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Saskatoon. She creates cinematic fables through a blend of film, textiles, installations, performance, and photography, imprinting a fictional world onto to everyday life. A long time member of Filmpool, Atkins’ work has screened and been featured in art exhibitions internationally, most recently in Saskatoon; London, UK; Vienna, Austria; Yerevan, Armenia, and New York City.

Jess Forrest/Castle If

Image from artist's website

Jess Forrest/Castle If is a Toronto-based electronic composer. Equipped with a small, yet powerful assembly of analog synthesizers, she crafts retro-futuristic “cosmic exotica” inspired by the strange sounds of the synth pioneers that forged electronica. Her sound is an eerie yet comfortingly familiar; echoes of lounge and library music shaped into a dream of the future. A long time collaborator with Amalie Atkins, Forrest composes for television, and has presented her work internationally at festivals with Faust, Silver Apples, U.S. Girls, Grimes, and Julianna Barwick.

Audio piece by Jess Forrest: Guzmania Lingulata

Collaboration 2

Jacob Farrell

Image from artist's website

Jacob Farrell is currently studying film production at the University of Regina. He works in both digital and analog filmmaking techniques, and creates short, cinematic narratives. For this collaboration, Farrell researched experimental and avant garde cinema, and was inspired by the work of Aphex Twin, Chris Cunningham, and Lynne Ramsay.


Photo credit: Erica Maier

Ursa is the ambient electronic project of Lenore Maier, a Saskatoon-based musician and composer. (The Garrys, Bunwitch). Her work as Ursa sways between drone and dream, somewhere between sound effect and musical sound.

Audio piece by Ursa: Breath Takers

Collaboration 3

Gerald Saul

Photo credit Michael Bell/Leader Post

Gerald Saul (BFA, MFA) works in experimental film, hand-processed and cameraless filmmaking, animation, alternative narrative and storytelling, and pinhole photography. His films and expanded cinema performances drift dreamily between fiction and fact, imagination and conviction, anecdote and evidence. Based in Regina, Saul is a long-time member of the Filmpool and Associate Professor in the Department of Film at the University of Regina. His work has been screened and featured in exhibitions nationally.

Anna Pidgorna

Image from artist's website

Anna Pidgorna (pronounced /pid-ɦɔr-nɑ/) is a Ukrainian born, Canadian raised composer, artist and vocalist, who combines traditional music, visual art, writing and carpentry in her multimedia practice. Incorporating acoustic and electronic sound, her compositions were described as “a balance of bold colour palettes, strong melodic profiles, and unexpected performative elements” by Nick Storring for MusicWorks Magazine. Recipient of the SOCAN Foundation Young Composers’ Award, Pidgorna's music has been performed throughout Canada and internationally in the USA, Italy, Austria, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, South Korea and Uruguay. She is currently pursuing a PhD in music composition at Princeton University.

Audio piece by Anna Pidgorna: Could I Sleep

Collaboration 4

Lindsey Rewuski

performing at Forthwith Festival 2018

Lindsey Rewuski is a multi-media artist and graphic designer who produces work under the name Ghost House. Inspired by early light art, psychedelic light shows, multi-sensory environments, and experimental film, her work explores the physical process of creating analogue visuals in real-time. Her projections often incorporate liquids, glass, organic materials, chemicals, textiles, and other found or created objects. The movement, composition and flow of her visuals are both inspired by and contribute to the experience of interacting with sound, often designed in collaboration with the artists who perform the audio component. Rewuski is based in Saskatoon, SK, and has projected light at festivals and art venues across Western Canada.


Burden (Doreen Girard, Caitlin Hutchison and Shelagh Pizey-Allen) performing at send + receive V16.

Burden is Caitlin Hutchison, Doreen Girard, and Shelagh Pizey-Allen, a Winnipeg based trio that creates composed and improvised works for the amplified piano soundboard. Removing the piano’s dampers, they created a resonant instrument that requires an intimate form of collaboration. Using handmade tools, contact microphones and found objects, the artists manipulate the strings and frame of the altered piano to create dark warm drones and immersive soundscapes. The trio began working together at Negative Space, a collectively-run venue and art space in Winnipeg.

Audio piece by Burden: 2 (from Hover EP)