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TitleNameEmail Address
TitleNameEmail Address
Assistant Technical Administrator vacant  
Beverage Consultant Chad Jedlic email the Beverage Consultant 
Busker Coordinator Jaime Carlson email the Busker Coordinator 
CACA President/Liaison Theresa Walter, President email the CACA Pres/Liaison 
Communications Neil Adams email Communications 
Dance Coordinator Barbara Tomporowski email the Dance Coordinator 
Executive Administrator/Staff Deb Jones email the Executive Coordinator 
Festival Chair Barbara Tomporowski email the Festival Chair 
Film Coordinator Saskatchewan Filmpool email the Saskatchewan Filmpool 
Funville Coordinator Cassandry Hanley email the Funville Coordinator 
Literary Coordinator Brenda Niskala email the Literary Coordinator 
Music Coordinator Michelle Fletcher & Megan Jane email the Music Coordinator 
Parade Coordinators Jeanne Scarfe and Mackenzie Sawchyn email Parade Coordinator 
Picnic Rob Folk email the Picnic Coordinator 
School Liaison Kim Weiss email the School Liaison 
Social Media Barbara Tomporowski email the Social Media Coordinator 
Street Fair Administrator Linda Rattray email the Street Fair Administrator 
Technical Administrator Jay Clement email the Technical Administrator 
Technical Director Jason Grayston email the Technical Director 
Theatre Coordinator Ilona Monkman email the Theatre Coordinator 
Visual Arts Coordinator Margaret Bessai email the Visual Arts Coordinator 
Volunteer Administrator Janet Brown email the Volunteer Administrator 
Web Site Inquiries Jason Grayston email a Website Inquiry 
Showing 23 items