Life is a Dream

Tuesday, May 23rd 6.30pm

LocationRegina Unitarian Fellowship

Daryl Sauser 

Sauser recently performed on stage at Mackenzie Art Gallery telling a short story about a dream he had involving his best friend (his dog, Tigger). A good friend encouraged him to participate in the Cathedral Village Arts Festival this year.
Sauser enjoys telling stories, both fictional and about life happenings. He can pretty much tell a story about anything! Pick a topic, and he will tell a story about it. He writes short stories and then tells them, and can tell the same story in a variety of ways with different outcomes.

Simon Moccassin 7pm

Moccassin will perform his 'Travelling Neechie Variety Show'

Neither Heroes Nor Ordinary People

Listen to Dis

Wednesday, May 24th 6pm
Location: Artesian on 13th

Neither Heroes Nor Ordinary People  takes the disabled experience, along with the able, and displays how they intertwine, intersect and, transform one another. This exhilarating, heart wrenching, devised and inclusive performance will have you laughing, crying and thinking.

Movie Moments


Wednesday, May 24th 7:30pm
Location: Artesian on 13th

ShoulderBirds creates and produces theatre in Saskatchewan which fosters critical thinking and opens discussion between artist and audience.

Movie Moments: We've all had moments in our lives that seem to be taken straight from a movie plot. Exploring the different genres of films, the cast of ShoulderBirds share touching, funny, or haunting moments in there lives for this storytelling evening. We invite you to listen with us, and stay afterwards to share some of your personal movie moments.

 Children's Theatre

Treeline's Who's the Dude from Quietude?

Friday, May 26th 6pm
Location: Artesian on 13th

Treeline Theatre aims to bring original and developmental work to stage generally focused on children’s theatre, including camps, workshops and co-creating with the natural enthusiasm, energy and imagination of young people. This troupe was in the Arts Festival last year with their production 'Oopsy Daisy Whoop Whoop'. 

Treeline Theatre is delighted to be back this year with their new production, 'Who's The Dude From Quietude?’ Armed only with their innate human superpowers, four youths from different planets heroically tackle a not-so-random, multi-planet pranking adversary. However comedic missteps and assumptions lead them a stray. Join these bashful, yet heroic young cathedral-lites for their light-hearted, creative and cleverly played new fable.


Spirit Tree Dance

Friday, May 26th 7.00pm 
Location: Artesian on 13th

Paula has trained in Yorkton, SK; Victoria, BC with Victoria Arts Collaborative; Regina with YBCS; and numerous workshops over the years. She has a degree in Arts Education and has completed a certificate in Special Education from the University of Regina. Paula has presented her own solo, and group work at the Stream of Dance Festival, W.I.P Series, and Secret Gardens Tour. As well as teaching dance for YBCS, she has choreographed for the YBCS Company for 5 seasons and been rehearsal assistant for 2 seasons. Paula is an Arts Education teacher for Regina Catholic Schools.
About the Show:

Purgatory of the Heart 
Music: Charlie Brennan, Choreographer: Paula Skotnitsky and Larissa Shasko, Dancer: Larissa Shasko

Two Sides of One Heart
Music: Dametria Penner, Choreographer: Paula Skotntitsky, Dancers: Paula Skotnitsky and Larissa Shasko

Hidden Within
Music: Thom Hanreich and Ray LaMontagne, Choreographer: Paula Skotnitsky, Dancer: Paula Skotnitsky


Queen City Cabaret

Friday, May 26th 8.00pm 
Location: Artesian on 13th

Surprise show! Prairie Pin Ups and the Deadly Dames present Queen City Cabaret burlesque.