Thank you to all the Artists, Participants and Volunteers. 
Here's a look at the Visual Arts Events from 2016:

Braided Rug Community Project!
 RPL Connaught Branch Library

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Community Rug Creation with Dunlop Art Gallery and CVAF artist in residence, Amber Phelps Bondaroff. The rug is installed in the children's area of Connaught Branch Library, a perfect spot for story time!


Comic Jam 10th Anniversary at Balkwill Open House

Thank you to everyone who came out to the CVAF 25th Anniversary Kick Off events at the Victoria Day Picnic and Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre / Art Gallery of Regina (AGR)

The artwork for the comic is being scanned and edited into a Zine format! We will have the link to the PDF posted in a week or so. Thank you to our Comic Jam hosts, Allan Dotson and Christine Moleski

Art on Display, all week long!
Art Gallery of Regina, Brendan Schick
The Metafold
Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre / Art Gallery of Regina (AGR)

Visit the AGR in the Balkwill to see artwork by local artists: in main gallery, Brendan Schick: the MetafoldStep through the looking-glass into a shadowy dream space, where things seem very real but are somehow just wrong enough to be unsettling. A silver teapot pours drapery onto a tablecloth, an ornately framed mirror reflects a distorted gingham pattern, fleshy blobs float over twisted sheets. These uncanny images are rooted in nightmare-like trance states Schick experienced in childhood. They also speak of the uncertainty that we experience with our body, and our sense of self.

In the hallway galleries: paintings by Charlene Douglas: Dramatic Skies, Delicate Flowers; paper cuts and paintings by Faith Logan: Every Nook and Cranny; a display of CVAF memorabilia, and work by local students.


Pop Up Gallery: Yellow Argyle Art Garage

Thursday May 26, 6-8 pm
location: 2261 Argyle St. (Access garage from 15th ave, turn North into the first alley West of Elphinstone St)

Experimental Projections & Thaumatropes with Gerald Saul and Christine Moleski. Make your own Victorian animation toy with Christine! Video art and stories told by Gerald Saul's doppleganger, "Professor Delusia".
All ages welcome. 

SKNAC Fine Art Exhibit and Auction Preview

Friday May 27, 5-9pm ; Saturday May 28, 10am -5 pm
location: Westminster Church Hall 3025 13th Ave. access via Cameron St.

Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting invites you to view fine art for sale by auction for charity. Work by Saskatchewan's finest artists: Dorothy Knowles, Art McKay, Allen Sapp, Michael Lonechild, Roger Ing, Ernest Lindner, Ernest Luthi, Maria Gakovic, Jack Cowin, Jack Sures, Holly Fay and many others. Preview over 150 artworks at Westminster during the CVAF; view more online! Online bidding closes Saturday June 4th 2015. 

SKNAC's Online Art Auction has over 250 artworks on offer from Saskatchewan collectors, and from local charities including Creative Kids, University of Saskatchewan Art Galleries, and Grandmothers 4 Grandmothers.