Evening of One Acts!

Treeline's Oopsy Daisy & Regina Little Theatre's Drugs Are Bad

Monday, May 23rd 7pm
LocationRegina Unitarian Fellowship

Oopsy Daisy: Treeline Theatre aims to bring original and developmental work to stage that generally focuses on theatre for children, including workshops and co-creating with the natural enthusiasm, energy and imagination of young people. Drugs Are Bad: Regina Little Theatre is a non-profit community theatre company that engages primarily amateurs and some professionals in all aspects of production and administration. These volunteers work at a wide range of jobs to ensure each show is a success. Acting, directing, set construction, stage management, lighting, costumes, and makeup are just some of the areas in which people donate their time and talents.

Neither Heroes Nor Ordinary People

Listen to Dis

Tuesday, May 24th 6pm
Location: Artesian on 13th

The creation of this play grew from a new class offered at the Listen to Dis collaborators present an exhilarating, heart-wrenching, devised and inclusive theatre performance. 

Globe Theatre Teens

Tuesday, May 24th 7:30pm
Location: Artesian on 13th

Globe Theatre School’s Evolution ensemble is comprised of 9 young artists ages 16-17.  Under the direction of Kris Alvarez, they have been creating a unique piece of theatre together.

Hitchhikers Improv

Wednesday, May 25th 6:30pm
Location: Regina Unitarian Fellowship

As one of Regina's premiere improvisational groups, Hitchhikers Improv Company acts as a training academy for many talented up-and-coming improvisers throughout the city (with a cast of over 40 improvisers) and performs twice monthly at the Artesian. As well, Hitchhikers provides public workshop opportunities for those looking to try their hand at improv comedy.

Pass the Hat Comedy Show

Wednesday, May 25th 7:30pm
Location: Regina Unitarian Fellowship

Pass The Hat is Regina's Longest Running Standup comedy show! Join us for a night of laughs from the funniest standup comedians in Regina (and possibly the world!).

The Red Nose Knows Show

Thursday, May 26th 7pm
Location: Artesian on 13th

Join Regina’s newly formed Clown Squad as they take you into the wild world of clown. Not JUST for Kids. 


Split The Bill

Thursday, May 26th 8:30pm
Location: Artesian on 13th

Split the Bill Film Troupe has been churning the filmic butter for over 3 years, creating over 60 short films and many awesome live shows. They're always trying something new, so every show is a journey into the great unknown of adventure!

Walking While NDN (Indian)


Saturday, May 28th 1:30pm
Location: Artesian on 13th

WWNDN is about the plight of a First Nation man living in this day and age, and the complexities he experiences each and every day.