Seen here is the promotional poster for Ken Mitchell's new show, Edna Jaques Live!, set to take the stage at the Artesian Nov. 29 - 30 and Dec. 1. Courtesy Ken Mitchell

The Edna Jaques Show

Friday, May 27, 5:30 pm
The Artesian on 13th
(55 min; all ages)

This special stage-on-screen video of Edna Jaques Live! features Michele Sereda in one of her powerful roles, a one-woman show written by Ken Mitchell that was performed at the Artesian in 2013. This video is a special CVAF 25th anniversary presentation by Birdsong Films, Burning Sun Productions and Curtain Razors. Details at: [TBD]

Screening Under the Steeple

Friday, May 27, 9 pm
The Artesian on 13th
(minors accompanied by adult)

Paint the Town with Saskatchewan Filmpool! Short films of celebration, oddity, and drama; and a very special launch party for Filmpool's new season of events: Summer/Fall of 2016.   
Program details, sneak previews & interviews with filmmakers online