5 x 5 = 25th Anniversary!

Take a look at the videos created at our  All-Star Celebration of the Cathedral Village Arts Festival's past, present and future with performances by local talented artists in a cabaret-style event celebrating the five key festival disciplines: Music, Literature, Theatre, Visual arts, and Dance. The Gala was Directed by the Festival's past Chair Joanne Crofford. 

Our 5 x 5 Acts celebrated the following themes in a creative, diverse, celebration of community:

Unite, Evolve, Provoke, Ignite, and Revel

A special thank you to the City of Regina for supporting this event.

Performer Bios

ACT 1 - Unite
6:00pm to 6:50pm - Drum Dance and Dialogue

Calling people to the Holy Rosary Park.  All ages, cultures, and abilities represented. 

Umoja Youth Drum Troupe 
Karibu – Ugandan Drum, Dance, and Dialogue Drumming for Growth
Desmond McCallister on Steel Drum
Ramiro Sepulveda on Conga with guest Victor Bustamante
Victor and the Drummers of Doum
Joanne’s Friday morning group keep the rhythm flowing
Drum Master Marlene Hinz
Dancers, Linda Yablonski – Tribal & contemporary
Raks Ahzar – Middle Eastern
Terrance Littletent young Pow Wow Dancers
Hibiki Taiko Drummers open the stage show

ACT 2 - Evolve

The past 25 years, favourites like the Clowns - Christina Persson;
Parades with Pile O'Bones brass band - Al Mcwilliam
the family feeling and the young people loving to see and take part in everything - Lazlo
the people who started out years ago busking and now tour the world - Marshall Burns Rah Rah
The Creative Vision behind the festival - Ken Mitchell originator of the first festival with his amazing poem about the arts
Scott Anthony Andrews – singer/songwriter and Corinne Groff Piano teacher, adjudicator/singer
finishing off with a rousing song Down Deep in My Soul - as the festival is for all of us
Creative MC'ing by the Fadadance Production Team

Tweener:  MaRMak Puppetry, Kenn McCleod and Rowan Pantel
ACT 3 - Provoke
Pushing the creative boundaries with new works and new approaches to existing art forms.
Fadadance International Youth Troupe; Geanna Dunbar and Cat Abenstein - Spoken word; and the 3 Fiddle Players. Creative MC and Improv, Mac Brock and Annie Trussler, of Hitchhikker’s Improv. 

Tweener:  MaRMak puppetry, Kenn McCleod and Rowan Pantel

ACT 4 - Ignite
A future of inclusion and diversity.
Reflecting the growing diversity of the festival in art form and participation.
Listen to Dis - wheelchair poets with a new poem - reflecting the new age of Inclusion of all abilities and creativity
Carol Daniels and Nahani Morin - mother and daughter 
Carol just nominated for 3 awards at the Saskatchewan Book Awards - will be doing spoken word accompanied by her daughter's guitar, reflecting  on Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women - speaking to our responsibilities as a community;
Joe Naytowhow “We Are All One People”,  with performers on Tabla, Vocal
Stacy and Lilla - mother and daughter Hip Hop - keeping things energetic and lively; 
Val Halla - Rockin out the night. Val Halla is a community and music activist,who chooses
 Rock and Roll as her expressive medium.  Women Rockin' the world in choosing their futures.

Creative MC's - Fada Team.

ACT 5 - Revel Let’s all celebrate together in a Tribal gathering with LED lightshow, music, dance – hosted by Tribal Vibes.