CHNA June 2006 Neighborhood Forum





Thursday, June 8, 2006

7:00 pm

St. Mary’s Meeting Room

Gough Street Entrance, Lower Level



New board member Charlier Marstaller has joined, and has many city contacts.
Financial report from Treasurer
CHNA currently has raised $16,000 and has spent approximately $5,000 on
insurance, a consultation on how to structure this group, and on

**** Environmental Report and explanation of process from Pierre ****
CPMC has requested re-zoning
EIR must be completed
Further notes on the EIR are on the website

The Board of Supervisors must vote on whether the impact is deemed severe,
but the mayor can veto.

The City Planning commision will compile and analyze the EIR which is
commonly provided by consultants.  The EIR review process is broken into 4
major parts:
1) EIR draft is filed - this is expected to occur sometime in July
2) 5 day open period when written comments are accepted.
3) Public comment period
4) Vote by the Board of Supervisors as to whether the impact is severe

If Board of Supervisors deems the impact severe, CPMC will be required to
change or ammend their plans.
If the impact is deemed not severe, it be very difficult for us to stop the
project, although we can provide written response, and/or sue, which would
be very costly.

**** Presentation by Rachel Hiatt of the San Francisco Department of Transit

Bus Rapid Transit studies are currently being conducting on the Geary and
Van Ness corridors.

These trafiic corridors are some of the most heavily travelled in the City,
and will directly impact that success of accessibility to the proposed CPMC

Funds for these studies and construction are currently being provided by the
1/2 cent sales tax approved in prop K.  If funds run out, they are elgible
for a number of Federal grants.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? - In an EIR, CPMC will likely use the information
about the planned enhancments of the transit system to bolster their
argument that their EI will be reduced by helping reduce traffic on the
roads.  (I'm sure there are other reasons, and we should all be thinking
about them.)  It seems almost 100% certain that transit improvements WILL
take place begining in 2008-2009.

Information on the options proposed and status of the studies are available
on the Internet at: for the Van Ness project, and for the Geary project.

**** Update from Subcommittees ****

Walk-about on May 20 did not enjoy a large turnout or much success
Passers-by were not easily engaged
Better preparation for speaking and placement will be made for the next

Political group has scheduled a meeting with Mayor Newsom, and is requesting
volunteers to be trained to be public speakers during the upcoming public
forums for response to the EIR.

Communication and research group is preparing newsletters to be available in
local public areas.

Meeting adjourned at about 8:30.


Cathedral Hill Neighbors Association

1450 Sutter Street #309

San Francisco, CA 94109