CHNA May 2006 Neighborhood Forum



Thursday, May 11, 2006

7:00 pm

Daniel Burnham Court Lobby




Meeting Synopsis

·        Confirmation that building plans in current state are too expensive for CPMC

·        One meeting attendee suggested filing injunctions to stall the planning/building process

·        Scoping hearings for building will begin in July

·        Broke into sub-committee groups

·        Request for funds to CHNA

·        Multiple mention for strategic alternatives to bring to the decision-making bodies (i.e., build within the existing codes instead of "as planned")


Political Action Subcommittee

·        Need volunteers to attend Neighborhood Association meetings- Neighborhood Network and Coalition of SF Neighborhoods. Both Audrey and Rosalie are interested in volunteering for these meetings, and also to find volunteers for additional coverage.

·        Volunteers needed to cover Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors meetings, and other hearings.

·        Volunteers needed to speak to other homeowner associations, merchants associations, etc.

·        Talking points needed.

·        Once talking points are developed, our committee will hold “role playing workshops” to train speakers on the message, how to stay on point, dealing with hostile audiences, etc.

Research and Communication Subcommittee


Sheryl is working with Helene to tally and summarize results of initial survey conducted earlier this year for report to Board next week (These may be able to serve as initial talking points for walkabout)

·        Many ideas around points of communication were mentioned including:
    Connecting with key contacts in each building to rally support  

·        Providing talking points for "walk about" scheduled for May 20.
    Contacting local newspapers and television stations to cover activities
and views of the CHNA including Op Ed pieces

·        Some members have expressed that they don't know what is happening from week to week. More communications between board and members need to be posted or handed out.

·        Summaries of meetings should be made available.   

·        Still need volunteers to conduct research.  Suggested topics include:
    Traffic patterns and potential impact
    Existing plans for development - changes/additions
    Potential quality of life issues (construction noise, emergency sirens, safety)
    Health care delivery and hospital accessibility in San Franciscso
    Status of planning commission, EIR, permitting, etc.
    Comments of labor unions on personal employment impact