CAT Flyball Team

The CAT Flyball Team is racing in the near lane.

Flyball World Record 2010

Who is the CAT Flyball Team?

The Can-Do Agility Team is a Flyball dog club located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Affectionately known as the "CAT club for dogs", we emphasize fun, as well as friendly competitive spirit at Flyball tournaments. We're proud to play a part in the world's fastest growing dog sport. There are dogs of all sizes and shapes in CAT, including both pure bred dogs and mixed breed dogs. Our dogs earn titles from the North American Flyball Association . We have a number of dogs with their ONYX titles of 20,000 points, and a few with their Flyball Grand Champion titles of 30,000 points.

We travel to tournaments in Winnipeg, Brandon, Regina and Saskatoon, often attending as many as a dozen tournaments a year. We usually field three or four teams, of which our fastest, the CAT S' Meow, holds the club record of 18.240 seconds in tournament racing. The Can-Do Agility Team practices at 884 Bradford Street in Winnipeg. We offer beginner and intermediate lessons on Saturday mornings and then the club practices Saturday afternoons. During the summer, the club practiced on Tuesday nights at the same location.